You know what I love about video games? They have a reset button. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the game, or what you’ve done, all you have to do push that little button on the controller and whalla! The game resets and you are off to a whole new start. Now how cool is that?

I’m not a big gamer or anything, but I do love Super Mario Brothers. A few years ago when one of the new versions came out, I literally sat there and played until I beat the whole game. I had blisters on my hands, and my eyes were bulging out of my head!

I was addicted and I couldn’t stop playing until I beat it. And finally, after some 12 hours and 20 resets I was a champion. I took it all the way home and to the finish line! Mama was so proud!

That day will go down in history in my family! But where would I be without that reset button? Would I still be sitting there gaming away? I don’t know, but thank God and those game developers for putting that reset feature in.

In this game we call life, we all have the very same reset button as Super Mario Brothers. Lets think about it. Are there not times when we screw up, fall down, and get hurt. What do we do then? Do we just quit the game and throw the controller out the window or do we hit the reset button and keep going.

I think back on all the times when I wished I wouldn’t have done that or I wished that I would have done….. The great thing, I still have a chance and I can reset at any point I would like. All I really need to do is grab my handy dandy personal controller and push the button. It’s that simple really, and you can do the same.

Maybe you are someone who wishes that the person they are, would be a someone different. Maybe a better person? It could be because of something that has happened in your life or it could just be that you are frustrated with your current situation and you believe it should be better.

Perhaps you screwed up or you fell down and you want to reset your game, go ahead, make it happen, what are you waiting for? Don’t just give up like a loser. Push that button and keep going. Choose to be a champion.

If this is you and your choosing to reset, here are 7 steps that you should take:

1. Go somewhere quite, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax. While you are relaxing ask yourself why do I want to reset my life?

2. Once you find out the reason, take a sheet of paper or your computer out and start writing out some life goals and things you would like to accomplish.

3. Now that you’ve written out some life goals and things you want to accomplish, take some time to sit down with your your family and friends and talk about it. Make sure that you talk with them when there not crazy busy. If they totally disagree with you, tell them it’s for the best!

4. Now you have to get down and dirty. It’s time to start getting more involved with things in your life. Go out and be more social, smile more, laugh more, donate to a cause, or serve someone. This will get you feeling better right away.

5. Erase the slate clean and start drawing again, just this time do it slower so that you can appreciate it more. Maybe even get a new haircut, or buy a motorcycle. Get a little crazy it will be healthy for you.

6. Go out and get a new job or start that thing you always wanted to. It feels great to do something new and different, you probably need it.

7. Get a mentor. Look for someone you look up to and ask them if they would be willing to travel with you on this new reset in your life. If there a good mentor, you will find that they are honored that you asked.

I’ve hit the reset button several several times in my life, and in fact I just hit it again about 9 months ago. Yes, it’s hard and stressful, but once you get going, you’ll do just fine.


Discussion Question: Have you thought about hitting the reset button lately? What steps are you currently taking?