Curious who’s tweeting these days and how you might be able to reach them? Or maybe why you’re not reaching them? Take a look at this well done infographic by Column Five Media and see what you can find.

Just this past month Pew Research took a survey of 2,277 twitter profiles and found that twitter adoption among U.S. Internet users has increased by leaps and bounds. I wasn’t all that amazed by this, but what I was amazed by was who’s really using twitter.

I think you will find some of the data to be very interesting and maybe even useful to you and your company.

Here is a few specific data points that caught my eye:

  • 13% of online adults now use Twitter (up from 8% in December)
  • The male demographic has doubled in size to 14% (previously 7%), launching ahead of women at 11% (previously 10%)
  • 95% of Twitter users own a mobile phone, and over half of them (54%) access Twitter this way
  • Non-whites continue to have a very high rate of adoption of the service – 25% of online African Americans use Twitter (11% on a daily basis) as well as 19% of Hispanics. This contrasts sharply with just 9% of whites
  • Twitter use by the 25-34 age group has more than doubled, rising from 9% to 19%

I hope you found this infographic to be useful and you’re able to take some of the data and use it for you or your organization.


Discussion Question: What data did you find in the infographic to be most useful?