A man who has always inspired me and motivated me to do great things in the world and have a positive attitude is a man and leader by the name of Rich Devos. Rich Devos is not your average man or leader. He is an extremely positive man and leader who has overcome obstacles and challenges to accomplish great things in the world. And now at 80 some years old he is still getting after it!

A few years ago he wrote a book called “Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People”. It was a very simple and inspirational book that was meant to be passed on and shared with others. If you read it, you probably found that the phrases in the book were really straightforward.

In the book he outlines phrases that we use everyday, or phrases that we should be using everyday – this is my opinion. They are common daily positive phrases that everyone wants to hear.

About a week ago I was digging around in my bookshelf looking for something to read when Rich’s book jumped out at me. I pulled it out of the bookshelf and started flipping through it again. As I flipped through the book and pondered on the ten phrases, I decided it was likely a good time to share these ten powerful phrases.

Here are the ten powerful phrases:

1. “I’m wrong”

When is the last time you said that? Maybe never. Sorry or I’m wrong can be one of the hardest things to say. Is this not the truth? Think about it, if someone refuses to admit to something we often regard them as arrogant or a big fat jerk. However, if someone genuinely owns up to their mistakes, then people trust and respect them. If you can say “I’m Sorry” this means you are willing to change.

2. “I’m sorry”

In a close second is the phrase “I’m sorry”. At first you own up and take it like a man, and right after you say how sorry you are. And don’t just say sorry, make sure you mean it. If you use these two phrases together it shows that you are ready to move beyond what has happened and start to rebuild whatever has been broken.

3. “You can do it”

Most people have a negative outlook on life and they are far from believing in themselves, so when you use these encouraging words, it can motivate them to do something great. Next time someones confidence is down you should say, “You can do it” and then see what happens.

4. “I believe in you”

Have you ever told someone that you believe in them? What happened? Did they smile back and give you a great big thank you? “I believe in you” is one of the best ways that you can encourage someone.

5. “I’m proud of you”

Next time someone overcomes an obstacle, or does something worthy or awesome, let them know that you are proud of them. I guarantee that it will move them from feeling good to feeling great just by those few simple words.

6. “Thank you”

“Thank you” is a phrase that is often used way to casually without any “real” or genuine meaning behind it. When you thank someone for something you are acknowledging their generosity. Also, by thanking that person you are recognizing their kindness. Another cool way to say “thank you” is to send that person a hand written thank you card. I wrote about this in a blog titled “Why thank you cards are so important”.

7. “I need you”

Allot of people don’t feel valued these days. You might even be one of those people. When someone says, “I need you” this makes you feel valuable and important, and who doesn’t want to feel this way? That feeling of being appreciated can boost your self-worth through the roof.

8. “I trust you”

No doubt this is one of the most powerful phrases out of the ten in my opinion. “Trust” is a pivotal word too. I would bet you just don’t go throwing this word around all the time, right? If and when you have placed confidence on a person and spent time with them do you use the phrase “I trust you”. Trust is also a key to quality leadership.

9. “I respect you”

We tend to seek out qualities that we respect in someone. This could be leadership qualities, creative qualities, or something else. Respect also goes both ways and it is usually earned not given.

10. “I love you”

We leave the most powerful for last. These three little words have some serious power behind them. And I am not talking romantic or family kind of love. I am talking the love that cherishes, holds dear, and treasures forever. Love is often times not about you, it is about others.

Every person has the power to change lives and impact others in a radical way if they take the time to offer a kind and positive word or two.


Discussion Question: Are you using these ten phrases often enough? What kind of impact do you think you could make if you started using these phrases more often? You can leave your comments below.