Stop aiming to be someone you’re not already. If you keep this up, you’ll never be happy or satisfied with you – the person God created you to be. When you compare yourself to others and try to be someone you’re not, all it does is make you unhappy and dissatisfied.

I see people comparing themselves to others all the time and it drives me nuts. Heck, I’ve even done this before. When people do this they are giving the other person way too much power. Please stop doing this. Why would you want to give someone else so much power and cut your own self-worth? I’m telling you this is a complete waste of time and can only bring harm on yourself.

Instead of trying to be someone else, you need to start being your best by being you.

Here are a 6 tips to get you started: 

  • Start valuing you (The person God created you to be). Stop trying to be anyone other than the wildly awesome person God created you to be. He has great plans for you and he wants you to start valuing you not someone else.
  • Love your personality, and embrace your blemishes.  We all have both and there is no way around it. All we can do is be honest with ourselves and instead of running from these things we start letting them transform us into the person God wants us to be.
  • Quit being unfair with yourself. Maybe you’re striving to be a professional athlete, movie star, or a CEO of a big company. These are all great things to aspire to be, however don’t be unfair. These people have worked hard, put in the time, and became who they are today not by sitting there wanting to be someone else, but by getting after it. Start today by being realistic with yourself and only look to other people as inspiration and as sources ofmotivation, not to decrease yourself.
  • Start looking for your strengths: It will not happen overnight, but over time you will find your strengths and be able to use them. Also, your strengths may change from time to time, but never stop focusing and refocusing on them. Your strengths far out weigh your flaws and are the main reason for not being anyone but you.
  • Don’t try to be someone else, it leads to resentment. When all you do is work hard at trying to be someone else, it will leave you bitter, angry, and pissed off.
  • Stop criticizing others. Allot of times people who criticize others are doing it because of their low self-esteem. They think that they can get to the top if they just pull other people down. This is both a way to lose friends and respect from others. Why spend time criticizing others and trying to bring them down when you could be spending this time on improving yourself.

God designed you to be uniquely awesome in your own way. It is your turn to take the time to be your best by being you.


Discussion Question: 

What about you? Are you being your best by being you or are you trying to be someone else and it is leading you to beunhappy?