I’ve come to realize that I’m horrible at sustaining things, but awesome at starting things and making things happen! I’ve only learned this after starting so many things that I can’t even count them on my two hands! This is the truth. I actually tried the other day and bombed miserably! How sad right?

I started to dig deeper and ask tough questions about why most of these things aren’t around. I started asking questions like: what the hell happened? It started out so good. Why did such and such fall apart so quickly? And how in the world did….

Interestingly enough I found a similarity in every one of those things. It was me! Yeah, me! I was trying to be both the starter and the sustainer and because of this everything came crashing down like a Jenga game.

Why was I trying to be both of these things? Honestly, I had no clue of the different types of people. I thought, I have an idea and I must do whatever it takes to make it happen. Not even thinking about all the other details, challenges, strengths, etc. And now after years and years of learning from the school of hard knocks, I will share with you a golden nugget.

Every person needs to take the time to figure out if they are a starter or a sustainer, because not taking the time could lead you to slamming your head against your desk and wondering, “What in the world is happening?”

Personally, I absolutely suck at sustaining things and maybe you do too. I am someone who can come up with one million ideas, and even make them happen or at least get them off the ground, but when it comes to sustaining them and raising them up to be big and beautiful, I am not your man.

I am the person who comes up with the ideas, casts vision, gets everyone fired up, and then moves onto the next thing. Now this is cool in all, but it takes two to tango in this world.

If you have the skills to start something and make it happen that’s great! But without your right hand man or woman you are nothing but a mist that appears for a while and then is gone. You don’t want to just be a mist, you want to last and you can only do this if you partner with someone who can fill in your gaps.


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How about you? Are you a starter or a sustainer?