A week or so ago, my wife said to me,

“Danny, you always say those things”

I said, “what things Sarah?”

“We will figure it out or we got this and so on”

Smiling, I responded by saying, “Sarah, I say these things because that is what champions say!” She paused for a moment, smiled back at me, and went into deep thought before saying, “You are right hunny, we are champions!” I love my wife for stuff like this!

After having this conversation with my wife, I started paying closer attention to the things that I would say and what the people around me were saying. I became very curious about how many people other than me were using these champion like sayings.

For several days now I’ve been intently listening in to see if I can catch them. It’s been fun and its lead me to a whole new way of identifying champions and non champions just based on the things that they say.

Are you a champion?

Here are four things you will hear coming out of champions mouths: 

1. We will figure it out: A champion could fail, fall on his face, and get wrecked one million times and still have the attitude that he or she will figure it out. Champions always figure out a way to win.

2. We got this: Champions are confident and even when a champion doesn’t have everything figured out, he or she still believes that they got it handled and they aren’t about to give up.

3. We must keep going: You will never find a champion giving up. They will battle, fight, climb over obstacles and pursue their goals till the end.

4. We can do this: A champion believes that there is nothing that he or she can not do and they will do everything in their power to make it happen.

If you want to be a champion you better pay close attention to the words that are coming out of your cake hole. I believe that every person can be a champion by speaking the words of a champion.


Discussion Question: 

How about you? Are you speaking the words of a champion or a non champion?