Are you one of those people who enjoy taking risks, living on the edge, and exposing yourself to danger? If this is you, I just want to say that I love you and appreciate you very much.

It is because of you that innovation and amazement occur and happen each day. It is because of you that great things are created and bred daily. It is because of you that people have jobs. And it is because of you that we can do almost anything from our white iPhones!

What would you say that it is about these crazy risks that you enjoy? Would you say that it is the rush, the possibilities, or a combination of these things working together that drive you to be a little crazy?

I was born and bred to be a little crazy just like you! In fact, it started out when I was just a little tike and I decided that I would climb up and into the car and put a bullet into the cigarette lighter. Let’s just say that was a risk. Luckily, it had a positive outcome and no one got hurt, but that is not always the case.

That was just the beginning of my career as a risk taker. Ever sense the bullet incident, I’ve broken about 13 bones, got run over by a car, started several businesses, some successful and some not so successful, and I just keep getting back up and keep on keeping on. I blame some this on my dad when he used to say, “Son, when you fall down, you just got to get back up as quick as you can and keep going.”

I also think I was one of those kids, who while in the womb was knit together with a few extra threads! Were you one of those kids too? I mean, if you look back, those few extra threads have probably caused you some pretty serous pain over the years.

Funny story. When I got married my mom and dad pulled my wife aside and said, “Sweetheart, he is going to take you on the ride of your life, so please do us a favor and put on your seat belt and hold on. “!

Three years later, my wife would say that I took her on one hell of a ride and she is thankful to be alive, young, and well. Most importantly still young!

I was thinking this past weekend about this idea of being young and taking risks. And while driving to a fellow risk takers, I thought, if you are going to take risks, do it while you’re young, because it will hurt less and still give you the opportunity to get up and keep going.

As the weekend went on I thought about this idea some more and put together 3 motivations to take risks while you’re young.

Here are the 3 motivations:

1. You have a lot less to loose. The older you get the more stuff you start to accumulate. When you’re young you have a backpack, a bag of clothes, laptop, and probably a car. This is not allot to loose. Now as you start to get older and you have a house, a dog, a wife, kids, and a shed, this becomes allot to loose.

2. You bounce back faster. The older you get the less bouncier you become and more brittle you get. When you fall down at 25 it hurts allot less than when you fall down at 35 or 40.

3. You dream bigger. People say that some of the worlds greatest companies and inventions were created by people who were under 30. Why? Because your mind is not filled with responsibilities, stresses, and anxieties. Instead your mind is filled with endless possibilities and a passion for new ideas and new experiences.

If you are sitting there, you’re under 30, and you have a big idea or risk that you would like to go after, I say GO for it while you are still young, because it hurts less when you fall and still gives you the opportunity to get back up and keep going.


    Discussion Question: What are your thoughts on taking risks when you’re young? Do you agree that it hurts less and still gives you the opportunity to keep going? You can add your comments below.