Entrepreneurship kicks ass! Am I right? You know what I personally love about it? Lots of things really, but here are a few: the risk, the reward, the adventure, the potential, the crashes, the bruises, and the fact that you have to be pretty much insane to be one.

I’ve had my fair share of entrepreneurial ventures over the years and some went great, while others left me in the dust picking crap out of my teeth. You know what though, now looking back, some of the best ones were the ones that left me in the dust picking crap out of my teeth.

This probably sounds pretty stupid right? Really, this is not stupid at all, this is the truth. If you’re a true entrepreneur and you fall down and eat crap and you don’t get back up and keep going, your really not an entrepreneur. You’re just someone who tried something, failed, and went back crying to mama.

Entrepreneurship isn’t safe. You won’t find flower pedals, fresh scents, or dancing fairies (unless you’re in that kind of business) around either. Entrepreneurship is tough crap and there will be times when it puts you down to the ground and then smears your face in the mud. Are you ready for all this? This is what I get pumped up about.

Are you a wanna be entrepreneur? Have you recently lost a job and now you think you’re ready to start that thing you always wanted? Before you do, I have 10 questions for you and if you can’t answer yes to all of them, then entrepreneurship just isn’t your thing and you better go look for another job. And quick.

Here are 10 questions for you:

  1. Are you willing to bear great financial risk and potentially loose everything? And then get up and keep going?
  2. Are you willing to sacrifice for long periods of time pretty much everything to pursue that one thing you always dreamed of?
  3. Is your spouse on board and is she or he 100% behind you? And do they understand what on board and 100% behind you means?
  4. Do you like “ALL” aspects of running a business? You better, because in the beginning you’re going to have to wear allot of hats.
  5. Are you comfortable under serious pressure and without a playbook?
  6. What is your track record of executing things? Are you someone who can get things done? Or are you just a talker?
  7. Can you sell or are you willing to lean to sell? If you can’t sell or you’re not willing to learn to sell, then you might as well not even get in the game.
  8. Are you passionate about something? How passionate are you? If it’s enough to bag everything and jump in, then you’re probably ready to go.
  9. Are you a self starter? Are you self motivated? When no one is around are you going to keep getting after it?
  10. Do you have a business partner? It might be something you want to think about.

Just as racing motocross isn’t for everybody, entrepreneurship isn’t easy and it’s definitely not for everybody. However, if you have the urge, you answered yes to all of the above questions, and you think you’re ready to rock, I say commit, and go for it. You will do great!


Discussion Question: After reading these questions what did you learn? Do you still want to be an entrepreneur? You can add your comments below.


  • All great questions to ask yourself. For #4, I think it’s impossible for someone to “like” every aspect of running their business- However, they must be ready to wear all of the hats anyway.¬†Personally, I am far from answering yes to 100% of them. However, I know I will be there eventually.¬†