How many folders do you have? This includes on your computer, inside your browser (I use chrome), maybe Evernote if you use it, or inside your file cabinet? After counting, I found that I had about a hundred or so.

I have folders for ministry, back burner folders, finances, consulting, speaking, writing, WordPress, references, cool stuff, and hundreds of others. You probably have similar folders.

Honestly, I found folders that I didn’t even remember that I had or even made for that matter. We make folders for everything. Something new pops up,we make a folder for it. Can’t find a place for something, we create a folder for it.

Folders, folders, folders, we “all” have hundreds if not thousands of folders. We pull them out, we put them away, we make new ones, we file stuff in them. They have become part of our everyday life.

One question. Could you be missing one of the most important folders of all? A folder that most people haven’t even thought about or created? What could it be? How about a folder for your wife? Do you have a very special folder for your wife? If not, today might be the day to sit down and make one.

I made a folder for my wife, well I actually made a few folders for my wife. I created a folder inside about every tool I use. I did this so that anytime I was thinking about her, I could capture that thought or reminder and pop it into a folder no matter where I was.

Here are a few places I created folders for my wife:

  1. I have a Google Chrome Folder.
  2. I have a folder on my MacBook Pro.
  3. I have a folder on my desk inside my file folder.
  4. Last but not least, I have a folder inside Evernote.

If your wife is that important to you, then why not create a folder for her? You make folders for everything else in your life, but miss the most important person next to God in your life to create a folder for. I think she really deserves a folder maybe even folder’s.

Now that you created a folder for her, you are probably wondering what do I put in the folder.

Here are few things I like to put in my wife’s folder:

  1. Trips that we would like to take together.
  2. Books to read for our marriage.
  3. Things she likes.
  4. Goals for our marriage.
  5. Our marriage planning stuff.
  6. Places she loves.
  7. 101 reasons why I love my wife.
  8. Photos.

These are just a few of the things I like to put in my wife’s folder. Everyones folder should be different based on your relationship with your wife. A good way to start this whole process is to take some time to think and pray about what you might want to put in your wife’s folder.

I will leave you with 4 questions:

  1. If your wife is a priority, then why does she not have a folder?
  2. You have a folder to better you, why not your wife?
  3. You have a place to store everything else, why not a place for your wife?
  4. You have a million other folders, why not one for your wife?


Discussion Question: Do you love your wife enough to create a folder for her?