Johnny is 77 years old, he recently lost his wife, and he now spends his time reflecting on his past. As he sits in his living room, he is reminded by all the times he should have asked “why not”, but instead he asked “why?”

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

Johnny was the skeptical one shooting everything down, telling people their ideas were stupid, and never believing in anything or anyone. He had one of the worst attitudes too and no one ever “really” wanted to hang out or be around him – not even his wife or his kids.

Leaning back in his chair, Johnny starts to tear up as he wishes he would have lived a different life.

He thinks to himself,

“I had dreams”

“I had goals”

“I wanted to be a good man”

“I wanted to good father”

“I wanted to be a good husband”

“I wanted to believe in people”

“I wanted to be a good friend”

“I wanted people to like me”

“Why was I never any of these things?”

“What happened to me?”

“Why me?”

After a few minutes, he falls asleep and wakes up about 30 minutes later with this revelation. He scratches his head, pauses for a moment, and then it hit him like a ton of bricks. He remembers all the times asking asking “why?” He would ask, “Why this, why that, why, why, why?”

What Johnny realized was even-though he had all these dreams, goals, and things he wanted to be and accomplish in his life, he was never able to be or do any of them because he was asking the wrong questions.

Don’t be like Johnny and be 77 years old reflecting back on all the things you wanted to be, all the things you wanted to do, and all the things you could have been. Start today and be all that you can be.

A great place to start is to stop asking why and start asking why not?

I put together a list of 20 why Nots:

  1. Why not go out and accomplish amazing things in the world?
  2. Why not accomplish things far greater than I ever imagined?
  3. Why not stay married forever?
  4. Why not live a great life?
  5. Why not be strong and courageous?
  6. Why not love others?
  7. Why not believe in myself?
  8. Why not quit whining?
  9. Why not be inspired?
  10. Why not be positive and motivated?
  11. Why not encourage other people to be great?
  12. Why not accomplish my goals?
  13. Why not dream big?
  14. Why not be a man?
  15. Why not be a great father?
  16. Why not be a great husband or wife?
  17. Why not start that thing you always dreamed of?
  18. Why not go big?
  19. Why not believe in things others do not believe in?
  20. Why not be you, the very person God created you to be?

The question or questions you ask yourself are your choice, but keep in mind, ordinary people ask why, extraordinary people ask why not?


Discussion Question: What are you going to ask, why or why not?