Do you believe in God? More than 9 in 10 Americans still say “yes” when asked, “Do you believe in God?”; this is down a bit from the 1940’s, when Gallup first asked the question. Even with the small declines the belief has remained very strong and stable. The belief of God is lower among younger Americans, Easterners, and liberals.

Here is a great chart released by Gallup on June 3. The chart shows the different percentages dating back to 1944 when Gallup originally asked the question.

Trend: Do you believe in God?

Even with all the major changes, broken economy, and sense of hopelessness in our nation, many still believe in the divine existence of God. I am really not that surprised by this poll, are you?

Where would we be without our loving God? Honestly, we would not even be without our God. God is the creator of all things. God gives graciously: breath, life, knowledge, love, and all things that are true, right, beautiful, and good to those who seek him.

I think of the people who do not believe in God and it literally breaks my heart. What is life without God, but no life at all.

I say lets thank God that Americans belief in God has been relatively constant over the last 6 ½ decades. Is this in itself not the work of God? This May 2011 poll reveals that when given the choice between believing and not believing in God, more than 9 in 10 Americans say they do believe. Can we hear an AMEN?!

We have one challenge that still remains and is growing. People under 30 are less likely than older Americans to say they believe in God. This means that we have some work to do right? Who am I talking to? I am talking to those of you who do beleive in God, because it is your job and responsibility to share with those who do not believe.

Are we together on this one?


Question: Were you surprised by this poll? What does this make you think? Please add your comments below.


  • Yellowvation

    I am totally with you on this one!  It is something that I think about a lot actually.  I’ve noticed that people (including those under 30) tend to say they don’t believe there is a God until something in their life goes wrong, and then they seem to want to blame God for it…but wait, you said you DON’T believe in God?  We are becoming a society that doesn’t like responsibility.  Things are going good, I don’t believe in God because I don’t want to be responsible to do the right thing…Things are going bad, I do believe in God because I need someone to blame other than myself…HMMM

    • If only they would take responsibility for their own actions and stop playing the blame game, right? I guess we all need someone to blame! How sad!