Before you become a crazy posta manic (Like me at times) with no idea when you should be posting content, you should take a few minutes to look over this infographic. I think you will find tremendous value, and it just might answer some, if not all of your questions.

Here are some of the questions I had before reading the infographic:

1. What is the best time to post content on twitter and facebook for maximum exposure and engagement?

2. Do I post first thing in the morning?

3. Do I need to get up early to post?

4. Do I post during lunch?

5. Do I post at the end of the day when people are getting ready to head home?

6. How do I reach people in different time zones?

7. How many times a day should I be posting on twitter and facebook?

A company called KISSmetrics put out an awesome infographic last week that honestly answered all my questions and more. They titled the graphic ‘The Science of Social Timing.’ They said it was part 1 of a series of infographics that they will be releasing over the next few weeks related to timing on the social web.

If you are curious what I got from the graphic other than just answering my questions. Here is a look.

  • Best time to tweet is 5PM ET
  • Best tweeting frequency is 1-4 tweets per hour
  • Best days to tweet are midweek and weekends.
  • Best time to tweet is noon & 6PM.
  • Best day to share on facebook is Saturday.
  • Best time to share on facebook is noon.
  • Best sharing frequency on facebook is 0.5 posts per day.

Please be sure to check out the full infographic below and let me know what you think!


Discussion Question: Will you start paying more attention to when you post on social networks now that you have read this?