At the time I stopped racing professional motocross I was a very lost, scared, and confused. The thing that was driving me at this point in my life was my faith and Jesus. Even Though I was lost, scared, and confused I knew deep in my heart that God had a plan (It wasn’t always this way). No idea what that plan was, I started down the road determined to figure it out, and figuring it out was just what I was about to do.

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I thought to myself, what am I going to do with myself? All I had ever known was racing. I started riding at 4 years old and racing at 11. The biggest difference in my life at this time was Jesus. I was born again, and ready to make a difference in the world.

I thought, do I go to school to be a pastor? I tried that and hated school. Do I get a job for someone? I tried that and hated working for someone else. Do I become an entrepreneur? I tried that and loved it, well most of it anyways! It was a totally different thrill, nonetheless still a thrill.

On this road that I was determined to figure out, I started several companies, some successful and some not so successful. The road was filled with twists, turns, and ups and downs, eventually leading me to the place I am today happier than I have been in seven years.

What changed? Well, allot. I narrowed it down to 9 reasons why I am the happiest I have been in 7 years.

1. God: The last seven years I was chasing, building, and making things happen. None of them were God. God was taking a back seat to everything else in my life, when in fact he should have been first. Today, God is first in everything I do and it is very prevalent.

2. Myself: I was fat, out of shape, unhealthy, and stressed to the max. There were days when my chest hurt so bad that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Today, I am in some of the best shape I have ever been in my life. I am training for an ironman and feeling great!

3. Sarah: My marriage was a disaster and barely holding on by a thread. I honestly can beleive that she stuck around after what I put her through. She was not being made a priority and you could see that in my actions. Today, my wife and I are deeply in love, spending quality time together, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t tell her that I love her.

4. Family: When you are busy running around building companies and dealing with all the responsibility of that, you tend to forget about the people who are closest to you like your family. My family was not being made a priority and it was affecting our relationships. Today, I see and let my family know how much I love them every week.

5. Friends: Friends, who has time for friends when you are running companies? I had people I called friends. How could they be friends though when I am not there for them? Today, I have 7 very good friends that I take time each week to pour into and do my best to be there for them.

6. Career: The last seven years I was building a career about me. I wanted companies, money, power, greed and whatever else I could get. How depressing now looking back. Today, I am writing, speaking, motivating, and adding value to peoples lives. Honestly, I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful for where I am at in my career and in my life. God is good.

7. Ministry: There wasn’t time for ministry. I was going into work at 6 or 7 and coming home at 6 or 7. What kind of life is this? Not a life with anytime for ministry. In fact, I wasn’t even thinking about ministry. Today, I have 2-3 ministries that I volunteer and serve at each week.

8. Mission: The mission I have been on the last 7 years was about me and my dreams. My mission today is much different. It is not about me, but about others.

9. Simple: If I wanted it I bought it; vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, you name it, I had to have it. Not that I needed any of these things, I just wanted them. Today, I have lost some and gotten rid of everything in my life other than the things that I need and are important to me. Oh, it feels good!

We all travel down roads. Some roads are straight, some bumpy, and some are just a mess. I think I have been down them all and thankfully so. God has blessed me and put me in a place where I could not be happier!


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Where are you at in your life? What are the reasons for your happiness?