Have you ever played with clay before? I am sure you have, we all have. What was it like for you?

For most people, playing with clay is at first a disaster. Clay is flying all over the place, nothing is taking shape, and your patience’s are running out. Suddenly, as your hands are engulfed in clay madness, something amazing starts to take shape. What is it? No one knows, but it is awesome looking and you created it.

Photo Courtesy of: orpheus01 on Deviant Art

What started out as a disaster is now turning into something pretty awesome! How did you do it?

Think of the last time you were playing with clay. Did it not start out as a very frustrating process, but once you got going you had a blast! This was always my experience at least.

I would say that I I love playing with clay. Why? Well, for me I enjoy the constant unpredictable creative process. Just as fast as my mind is working and changing, so is the clay and it’s form. Anything that can keep up with my mind always excites me. How about you?

I believe that clay can spark a very special creative side of  an individual that might not ever had been discovered, hadn’t they got in and got their hands dirty.

Is not everyone in their own right fond of clay? I mean, how cool is it that the more you work with it, the more you begin to open up, create, and interact.

Now lets look at our economy? What a perfect opportunity to take something that is just one big dirty lump of madness and shape it into something pretty awesome. Do you not agree?

In the same way playing with clay is at first a disaster, so is our economy. Lets be honest, it is pretty frustrating, people are loosing their patience, and some are already giving up. The time is not now, to give up.

We must keep our hands engulfed in the clay and continue moving them around until something amazing takes shape. It will happen and is happening to those who aren’t choosing to give up.

I actually came up with 6 tips for playing in this clay economy.

But first, remember Clay is dirty, unpredictable and can leave you face down in disgust. When playing in this clay economy, it requires you to be at your best.

1. Endurance

You can’t just give up when nothing is taking shape, you have to stick it out and endure. Your endurance is going to be tested. You have to stay strong, flexible, and keep your composure.

2. Diversify

You got to mix it up. Things have changed, so should you. It might be unsafe at first, but you will get used to it.

3. It’s all in the Angles

No longer can you look at things the same way as you have in the past. You have to get a little crazy and start looking at things from different angles. You just might find something that you missed before. This may take awhile too, don’t give up just keep looking. Eventually you will find that perfect angle that you’ve been looking for.

4. Slide if that is what it takes.

Nobody really loves to slide right? I mean who wants to get dirty, when they can just run through. Well, today you may have to slide and not just once but several times. It may take a little time getting used too, but eventually you will get the hang of it and see the return.

5. Patience, The Toughest Virtue

Nothing takes shape immediately and if it did you might not appreciate it. Take your time, breathe, and watch as pure beauty takes form right in your hands. Just when you want to give up, is when you need to keep going. Don’t quit.

6. Head out

If you can’t get it right where you’re at, then pack up and ship out. Go where the opportunity is. Don’t hold back and wait for something to happen, stand up and GO make something happen.

I hope this helps out. I have no clue what you are going through or what you are thinking, but I can tell you that awesomeness is just ahead. Keep going, keep creating, and don’t take your hands out of the clay.


Question: What are you currently creating out of this clay economy? What are some tips for people who are frustrated and ready to give up? What do you want to tell them? Please add your comments below.


  • Hammerhead

    #2 might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Also, you should proof read your articles.