Normal people suck. Why do normal people suck? Because they do what normal people do. What do normal people do? They sit around, commit adultery, steal, have idols, eat to much, drink to much, and end up never really doing anything with their lives or in this world. This is pretty normal these days. This is what normal people do.

Photo Courtesy of: shakeit on Deviant Art

Divorce rates are at the highest they have ever been, depression rates are sky rocketing, and we treat suicide as something people do all the time and it’s ok. None of these things are ok. In fact, everyone should be very pissed off right now because we have gotten to the point where we think these things are normal.

I know that God is pissed off right now because people think these things are normal. Look around you. Do you think all this stuff is happening just because? Clean out your ears, open your eyes, stuff has gotten out of control, and it’s all because we think this is normal.

I don’t know about you, but I think ridiculously weird is always better. What is ridiculously weird? God is ridiculously weird. Being married for 30 or more years is ridiculously weird. Being honest is ridiculously weird. Feeding the poor is ridiculously weird. Living your life on a mission and purpose is ridiculously weird. People who are always positive and happy are ridiculously weird. Believing in something bigger than yourself is ridiculously weird. And last but not least love is ridiculously weird.

In todays world people see all these things as being ridiculously weird. If someone says I have been married for 30 years people think, “Wow, that is ridiculously weird”. If you say that you love your wife and you love your life, people think you are ridiculously weird. If you say you want to change the world and make it a better place, people think you are ridiculously weird.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be known as ridiculously weird. If I ever get the point of being normal again, I hope God slaps me right back into being ridiculously weird. I love being ridiculously weird and I hope I never change. Ever time I hear someone call me ridiculously weird, it brings a big beautiful smile to my face.

I will let you know this, the greatest achievements in the world were achieved by people who were thought of as ridiculously weird. How about Martin Luther king. People thought he was ridiculously weird. Ghandi, that dude was ridiculously weird. I can go on and on, but I think you get the point.

You want to succeed in this messed up world? Then you better believe that ridiculously weird is always better.  I promise you this, people will criticize you, judge you, make fun of you, dislike you, and totally abandon you. And when that happens, look up and know that the more ridiculously weird  you are the more God loves you.

Go be ridiculously weird and make the world a better place.


Question for you?

Why is weird better to you? Are you weird? Why are you weird? What is weird about you?