Do you like telling stories? How about listening to them?

For the rest of our lives we will either be telling or listening to stories. Stories simply help us to get a message across, help others, and to share some very engaging info.

Think about it, we all share stories in every aspect of our life, the most common being during monotonous conversations. Nobody wants to be in a boring conversation!

The most important story you will ever share, is your life story. This is the one you are living? Or are you? Might be a good question. Either way I want to share some great tips for telling stories.

Storytelling is truly an art and takes much practice if you want to be good at it. If you want to be a great story teller, you must learn to use some aspects of performance and maybe even a bit of entertainment in order to make it more interesting for your listeners.

You have to be confident in your story telling. Make sure you have the facts, no the characters, and share the story with passion and heart. You need to make your listener’s almost feel as if they lived the story with you.

When telling your life story, you should be using some of the very same ideas to get the information and stories of your life across to those who are listening. Again, make sure you are entertaining, confident, engaging, and make them feel as if they are living it with you.

We should never let our inner child get away from us, but instead we should always be making sure that it is very alive and well. Everyday, we should either be sharing or listening to great stories. I believe God allows each and everyone of us to live a great story that must be told.

Are you struggling with story telling? Let me share a few tips that will help you be more confident, make the impact you are looking for, and engage your listeners. When you know how to tell a good story, you might be more willing to share some of those stories that you were scared to before.

Here are a few tips:

Start with normal conversations. These things take time and energy, and the best place to start and practice is in your normal everyday conversations.

  • Make sure that you think through and understand the benefits of telling someone your life story
  • Make sure that you are changing your voice to suit the person you’re quoting
  • Be sure to tell stories in first person
  • Maintain integrity when telling stories
  • Use physical movement to draw emotion

The best stories are those that are told using a narrative story structure. Not sure what that means? Let me make it more clear.

  • Who are the characters? Use their names, the five senses, and whatever else to paint a picture of the characters. Make them as real as possible.
  • Where is the setting? Again use the five senses and paint a picture for your listeners. Make them feel as if they were to close their eyes they would be there with you.
  • Explain the problem, the challenge, or issue that took place or is taking place.
  • Last you talk about how the issues were resolved? Was it a happy ending? Sad ending? Or is it still happening?

Now that I shared a few tips and ideas, it is your turn. You must take action and be intentional if you want to be a great story teller.

Here are a few things you can start doing today:

  • Study different techniques. Some may work for you, and others may not. Don’t give up, keep searching.
  • Make sure you are using these ideas and tips in your everyday conversations whether that be your kids, your parents, or even the dog. Seriously it does not matter!
  • Take some time to think of a few stories to tell that require you to use the ideas mentioned here.
  • Don’t give up; practice, practice, practice.


How about you?

What are some other tips for storytelling?