What was your conversion like?

How has it changed your life?

Can you remember the exact moment?

Who have you told your conversion story to lately?

Photo Courtesy of: Illia-Ermine on Deviant Art

Do you realize that just your conversion story can move and change peoples lives forever? Think deeper about how your conversion changed your life. Do you remember the new found peace and joy? The new sense of breath and life? Clear as day, I remember all of these things.

I think once we experience a full conversion, God calls us on a mission. Not just any old mission, but a mission to share the love of Christ Jesus whom died on the cross for us. Think of Paul in the story of Acts when he talks about how God could love a sinner like him. This man Paul was on a mission, and he was totally willing to share his story and do whatever it took to reach others for Christ.

Do you have faith like Paul, that you are willing to go on a mission and share your conversion story no matter what?  If your answer is no, then perhaps you haven’t even experienced a full conversion story. Perhaps, God is still very much at work in you.

There is nothing wrong with a gradual conversion story. I am just saying once you fully experience a conversion, God is going to call you on a mission and you must be ready for it. He is going to call you to change other peoples lives through your story. This work must be carried out and it could cost you, but the cost is far less than the cost of not sharing.

Maybe you are struggling to share your conversion story. Is this you? Have you been completely changed and renewed in Christ, but are afraid to start sharing your story? What might be holding you back? Is it fear that your story is not as great as others?

No conversion story in greater than another. Anytime someone commites their life to Christ and picks up and follows him is one sweet story that needs to be told.

If you are having trouble telling your conversion story, maybe you should take some time to write it down. I am pretty sure this will help you begin to work through any fears that you might have had before.

Something else you can do is start sharing it with close friends, your children, your husband, and others whom you feel comfortable. You don’t have to go around telling the world right away. Make sure that first you feel comfortable, confident, and have prayed through all your fears. Also, be sure that your story is clear, consise, and easy for people to make the choice to follow Christ.

Now go and share your story, there are millions of people who are waiting to listen.



What was your conversion story like? How did it change your life? Are you sharing it with others?