Think about the last meeting you were sitting in. What happened? Did you doze off into dreamy land? Did you pretty much fall asleep? Let’s be honest, most meetings suck. You have probably read the book, “Death by meeting“. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt this way. Meetings can be killer.

However, can we all agree that there are meetings that are important and valuable, and it is us who make them valuable?

I remember the days sitting in a meeting, when all of a sudden – I was gone. Not looking, not listening, not asking questions. I was spaced out. How disrespectful. Think about how the other person must have felt. Come on, you have done this before, don’t lie to yourself.

I have also been on the other side of things, where I was trying to have a meeting with someone and they were on their phone, looking around, yawning, and not asking any questions. How frustrating. And I am a pretty non boring person!

How do you think this makes a person feel? It makes me feel like getting up and walking out. Why would I want to be in a meeting with someone who doesn’t really care? At least this is how I felt.

A couple of years ago I started getting intentional about my meetings. I was sick of being disrespectful and being disrespected. It became my goal that when I had a meeting, we both left feeling like we got something out of it. Why have a meeting if there is no value to the actual meeting, right?

Here is what I started doing. In the upper right hand corner of every note page, I would put; look, listen, and ask questions. This became my personal advertisement and reminder while I was in meetings. From that point forward I started looking, listening, and asking questions in all my meetings. This simple act literally changed my meetings and changed my life. No more sucky meetings.

Honestly, I can’t tell you the last crappy meeting I had. This would have never happened, hadn’t I gotten intentional about meetings. Today, I love meetings, I love the people I meet with, and I love leaving each meeting with the feeling that we are all better because of it.


Question for you?

How are you being intentional about your meetings? What do you do to make sure that you are looking, listening, and asking questions?