It’s not about what is real.

It’s about what is reality.

Tonight, I had a speaking engagement at Cornerstone University. They asked me to speak to their entrepreneurship class about my personal journey, what I learned, and some practical advice for people looking to become an entrepreneur. I was excited and blessed to have the opportunity, especially after the ride I have been on the last 7 or so years. You can see the full presentation here.

I decided that I would talk about the difference between real and reality. I think to often we focus our time and energy on what is real, but we forget to add in the most important part, what is reality. Do you think people are to scared of reality?

It’s not what we want to hear, but that in which we need to hear, because it’s reality. Think about something that is real in your life. Let’s take school for example.

The first day you get to school to sign up for classes someone says, ” I would like to tell you the reality of school. Please sit down well I walk you through it. You are going to have to write about 300 papers, stay up late nights, be stressed out to the max at times, and when you graduate, it’s not likely that you will get a job or even want to pursue what you went to school for.”

Hows that for reality? Not what you wanted to hear, but what you needed to hear. Also, by hearing this, it helps you ask yourself a few very big questions.

  1. Am I ready for this?
  2. Why am I doing this?
  3. Is the timing right?
  4. Am I even cut out for this?
  5. Can I make it through?

So you want to be an entrepreneur? How about the bigger and better question. Why?

I believe entrepreneurship is 1% real and 99% reality. What I mean is, being or becoming an entrepreneur is only 1% of what is real, and 99% of what is reality. Let’s break down a little further.

What is real?

  1. The cool kids. All the cool kids are entrepreneurs. Check them out, they are awesome! This is real. There are allot of cool kids that are entrepreneurs.
  2. All we need is money. Money is awesome and it is very real. There are people with tons of money out there. In fact more money than they know what to do with.
  3. I can make it better. You can make it better. There is always room to make it better.
  4. Freedom. You can have freedom. There are lots of entrepreneurs that have freedom.
  5. I control my own schedule. This is real, I promise. There are people out there that do control their own schedules.

Now let’s look at what is reality?

  1. It’s lonely at the top. Some of the loneliest people out there are entrepreneurs. The higher you go, the lonelier it gets.
  2. The story never changes. Success and money can happen, it takes lots of hardwork, and usually happens over a long period of time.
  3. It gets worse before it gets better. You can make something better, it is just going to get worse before it gets better; debt, stress, anxiety, disagreements – You name it, it happens.
  4. Hardwork to success. Freedom is real. The reality is that you are going to have to work 80 hour weeks just to get there.
  5. You will scream and often. People, the company, and things that are unseen will control your life and your schedule for years, while you build the business. This will cause you to scream.

People seem to love what is real, and hate what is reality. We can get very excited about what is real, but when we hear what is reality, we run for the hills. The people who stay after you have outlined reality, these are the true entrepreneurs.

The world of an entrepreneur is not easy and most people are just not cut out for it. That is ok. Go find something else to do.

There are people who want to be an entrepreneur, and there are people who embrace reality and become an entrepreneur. You have to decide which one you want to be.


Question for you?

Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur? Why? What is real and what is reality for you?