When I was a kid my dad would get these huge rubber bands from work. When I first saw one of these rubber bands I could not believe it. Never had I seen anything like it,  some 3 feet long and 2 inches thick. These things were dangerous. All I could think of was wanting to shoot my sisters with them!

Photo Courtesy of: lkitty on Deviant Art

I remember asking my dad, “dad, can I play with them?” He said, “Yes you can, but be careful they recoil fast”. I had no idea what that meant, but I would soon find out.

Off I went into the house chasing after my sisters with these rubber bands. Up the stairs, down the stairs, they were scared for their lives as I was chasing them like a wild cat. I kept thinking, “Recoil fast, what could that mean”. After a long chase, I finally got into a position where I had a good shot at my sister. I pulled back, aimed, took a deep breath, and……smack.

After holding the rubber band back for a few seconds my hand got tired and I had to let go. The rubber band recoiled and smaked me right in the face. There I laid on the ground thinking, “I guess that was what dad was talking about”. I laid there for a few seconds, sat up, shook my head, and jumped up. I didn’t want to lay there looking like a wimp. After all, my sisters were already laughing at me.

I had to be strong and continue fighting, I couldn’t give up. I thought, “no rubber band was going to defeat me, I am resilient and strong”. I just love how kids think!

Now the question is, how resilient are you? When you fall down, face difficult conditions, or get hurt, do you recover quickly? Do you recoil and bounce right back? Or, are you one who lays there waiting for others to pick you up? I can tell you this, waiting may leave you waiting forever.

Resilience is a part of our being. God did not create wimps, God created resilient and strong beings. People who after facing some the the toughest times would bounce right back, keep going, and be better because of it.

No matter what you are going through, face it with courage and patience and refuse to give up. Your resilience is deeply rooted in your spirit. You have to be determined and embrace all things that make life worth living.


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Honestly, how resilient are you? When you fall down do you get right back up? What makes you resilient?