Have you already given up? If you have then I am really sorry for you because this is just the beginning of something amazing.

When everything including our economy is falling apart, there is also something very cool happening. Think of revolutions, they all seem to happen when things are falling apart. What happens in the midst of it all? A new start. An even better one than before. This is what is happening right in front of you. Either embrace it or get out of the way.

Photo Courtesy of: this-is-the-life2905 on Deviant Art

No longer do we see the mass markets, instead they are being replaced by smaller more focused and micro markets. With the internet, we can now connect buyers and sellers from all over the world, more effectively and more cheaply. People are working out of their homes, smaller co-working spaces, yet creating the same if not more value and revenue than before.

Then we have manufacturing, which is pretty much gone, at least in the States – no longer is it practical or cost effective to be manufacturing here in the states. Believe me, I am currently living in Michigan where it is the worst.

Again, with the power of the internet we can exchange more information and create value that we never could before. Companies are popping up everywhere with little to no overhead. Commodity products continue to get cheaper and cheaper and it takes fewer employees and overhead to create more value than before. And if you want to create a buzz, thats not that expensive either these days.

More than anything else these days you must be a survivor and take control of your own destiny, because if you don’t someone else will. I can guarantee you that, this is what has happened for decades. If you think you can get a job with great benefits and sit there for 30 years you are out of your mind.

Open your eyes and look around you, shit has gotten bad and it is not going to get better unless you do something about it. A new economy is happening wether you like it or not. So like I said before, embrace it or get out of the way. New players are stepping up and making things happen. If you want to be a part of it you can.

Is there some risk and failure to be had? Absolutely, but this is what makes it fun and revolutionary.

Who is this opportunity for? Everyone; with a job, without a job, students, basically anyone who is willing to step up and be smart enough to say, “I want something different, I want a new economy”.

For all of you that this interests, this is an opportunity, not a solution, and there is no guarantee. With anything you have to take some risks, experiment, try new things, and put yourself out there to see what can happen. You will fall on your face I promise, just get back up, brush yourself off, and keep going.

The old economy that my parents lived offered a guarantee. If you invested the time and had an education, then you had security for life. This new economy that we are creating, not so much.

If you are looking for a road map or a college class, you are one of the people who needs to get out of the way. There is no road map for this economy, we have to create the map.

I will leave you with this. When I used to race, it wasn’t the people who took little risks who won races, it was the people who took big risks who won races. Anyone can take small risks, you want to be a champion and make big changes, you take big risks. In the racing world we would say, “Go big or go home”.



What are you doing to embrace this new economy?