Are you preaching or selling. Very interesting thought with lots of discussion around it. I felt that God placed this thought on my heart to challenge those who are preaching the good news of Jesus, or at least should be preaching.

Photo Courtesy of: Frantic Assembly

Lately, I have been asking the question, “Are you preaching or selling?”. Right away people will say, “Preaching”. I usually respond with, “How can you be sure of this? Are you 100% positive this is not your agenda or the leadership of the Church or something else? And are you 100% sure that because of the financial responsibilities that the church carries that you are not selling? And last, have you ever even experienced a conversion yourself?”

These questions get people thinking through some very tough questions in themselves. My goal is that they and others would become more aware of what I and others see as a problem.

Here are a few questions people start thinking through:

  1. Have I ever sold the gospel because of the financial responsibilities of the Church?
  2. Was this my agenda, the Church leadership, or Gods agenda?
  3. Are the conversions I initiate sincere in my heart?
  4. Have I ever experienced a true conversion myself?
  5. Have numbers become priority over God?
  6. Have I or we put the Church in a position where we are no longer preaching but we are selling?
  7. Are we of little faith and because of it, we are selling the gospel verses letting Jesus and the holy spirit transform?

Do you struggle with any of these? Have you fallen into any of these traps or temptations? How do these questions make you feel?

How many preachers do we have out there, and how many sellers or sell outs do we have out there? Do we have more sellers than we do preachers? What is wrong with this picture? Can this be fixed? I believe it can. How? Conversions and a change of heart.

Do you agree that there needs to be a change of heart, or maybe a faith conversion among those who are preaching. How can you preach something that you yourself have not yet experienced? You can’t.

People need to stop selling and either start preaching from real, genuine conversion, or they need to step aside and let others stand up who have experienced the great message of Jesus, and let them preach it from their souls.

No more selling with just something in exchange, we need people preaching the good message of Jesus not looking for anything in return, but Gods great works.


What about you?

Are you preaching or selling?


  • Bobthompson

    Great thoughts on this topic. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing.