Did you run the Fifth Third River Bank Run?

This year was my 5th time running the Fifth Third River Bank Run. After only training for a few months, I decided I would step it up and make the commitment to run the race. I actually needed it too!

Both my sisters and my brother in law also decided to run this year. It was one great big family standing there in the rain waiting to take off. It was awesome! As we waited I was pumping them up, cracking jokes, and cheering them on. I was so proud and thankful to have them there with me.

Every time I run the Fifth Third River Bank Run, it just makes me feel great! Do you feel the same way? I have no specific reason why. Could be the actual race, it could be family, or it could just be that I really needed it! Regardless I love the race!

After completing the race and taking some time to reflect, I put together a list of 8 reasons why you should run the Fifth Third River Bank Run. Add your reasons in the comments section below.

  1. Family: The race is like one great big family. I swear, every time I run the race I either meet new people or see people I already knew.
  2. Awesome GR community: You can’t go wrong with the strong GR community! Everyone is there for one another and cheering each other on.
  3. Largest 25k run in the country: I didn’t actaully know this, but it is the largest 25k run in the country. Pretty cool that Grand Rapids has this to brag about.
  4. Affordable: No need to break the bank on this one! You get an awesome, well organized race for a very affordable price.
  5. Exhilarating: Being a professional athlete, I have had hundreds maybe thousands of races in my life. None are like this. The difference? 20 some thousand runners elbow to elbow running for 15.5 miles, this is exhilarating to me!
  6. Fun: Everybody is smiling and happy even when it feels like it rains every year!
  7. Energy: I don’t know about you, but this run just gives me energy. After the race, I am pumped up for at least a couple of days.
  8. Accomplishment: I never used to be a long distance runner. I used to think running to the end of our driveway and back was a long way, then I signed up for the River Bank run which was 15.5 miles. I don’t care who you are, this is an accomplishment.

If you didn’t get a chance to run the race this year, I would encourage you to put it on the calendar for next year. You will appreciate that you did!



Why do you think people should run the Fifth Third River Bank run? What do you love most about the run? Please comment below.