What are you doing for Mothers day? I will be celebrating my mom. I think we are actually going to the Chinese buffet after church. I guess we will have to see how that works out. This was at least the plan. I love mothers day because it’s a time to celebrate our moms. Without our moms influence, nurturing, and unconditional love where would we be today.

To honor our moms and my mom I put together a list of 8 reasons why my mom is awesome. Please add your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear why your mom is so awesome.

My mom is a mom of unconditional love and she is always putting others before herself. This makes her a perfect mom who deserves her very own day.

8 reasons why my mom is awesome!

1. She’s a reminder: Oh, how I love those friendly reminders. Where would I be without them. Some call this nagging, I call it friendly reminders and I love them.

2. She’s compassionate: She has a heart of gold. I think if you took out my moms heart, it would tell you that it loves you. If only we could all be a little more like our moms.

3. Best role model in the world: I look up to my mom for lots of things. Who would you rather look up to than our awesome moms. They are constantly loving, nurturing, teaching, caring, and making sure that we are always on a good path. And when the world is crashing down, they are right there to help you pick it back up.

4. Always there to cry to: When I am down, who do I call? You got it, my mom.  She listens to me, comforts me, and tells me everything is going to be ok.

5. Always smiling: Even when things seem to be the toughest they have ever been, mom is right there smiling back at you. My mom loves to smile and every time I see her it never fails, I get a smile and it makes me smile.

6. The definition of selfless: My mom was always putting others before herself. I remember the days when my mom would buy us nice clothes, and then go to the garage sale and buy herself clothes. She would say, “Don’t worry about me”.

7. Unconditional love for her family: No matter what the person did or had done, my mom was there to love them. She could love anyone through anything guaranteed. There were times when I could not believe how she could continue to show love to people. Then, she would do it again and again and again. My mom and Jesus are my role models for how to love.

8. She’s just plain awesome: To sum it up, my mom is just awesome and I think all moms are awesome! If you think about it, you would not even have life without your mom. She gave birth to you and put you on this earth to walk, breathe, and love – this is awesome in its self, do you not agree?

It would totally be an understatement to say that I love you mom. You are awesome and I thank God for you everyday. Peace be with you and all moms on this day. God made you beautiful in every way.



It’s your turn. What makes your mom awesome? Share some of your favorite mom stories.

  • Bobthompson

    I love my mom because she has never given up on me.

    • I love that about my mom too. Even when I have put her through some
      very tough times she continued to love me.

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  • hattie

    My mum is cool because she’s caring and funny but there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things that my mum is awesome at so I can’t choose!

    harriet age 8.

  • Skye Brand

    I was an awful teenager! I was hateful & moody & felt that I was entitled to anything & everything I wanted without having to actually earn any of it. Thank goodness my Mother had her head on right & didn’t take any of my crap or I hate to think where I would be by now!

    I doubt, if it had not been for my cool, calm, collected & very, very sensible Mother, that I would be happily married to a wonderful & cring man, have two beautiful daughters & a home & business of our own. It’s far more likely that, had I been allowed to continue on the path I was heading down, that I would be in prison, a junkie, (both!) or dead! I was hanging around with bd, bad people & I was doing really stupid, reckless things. I needed a good kick in the arse & my Mum delivered (metaphorically) time after time, with alarming consistency!

    Thanks Mum for being such a strict “bitch” & getting me back on the right path after I took it upon myself to wander off it! xo

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story and I’m glad that we have mothers who are willing to beat our asses into shape.


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  • Brandon Espinoza

    English: I love my mom for as long as I’ve been alive. She does her best everyday to raise all 6 her children. Even though my abusive father left us at a young age, my mom took full custody into raising us all! She spoils us all unconditionally with a love and supports us in every way possible, whether it’s help for school, help with life, or even spending time with all of us! I am deeply grateful to have such a great mom in our lives in this family I appreciate having.
    Español: Yo amo a mi mamá durante el tiempo que he estado vivo. Ella hace todo lo posible todos los días para levantar todas las 6 de sus hijos. Aunque mi padre abusivo nos dejó en una edad joven, mi madre tomó la custodia total a elevar a todos! Ella se echa a perder a todos con un amor incondicional y nos apoya en todo lo posible, ya sea de ayuda para la escuela, ayudar con la vida, o incluso pasar tiempo con todos nosotros! Estoy profundamente agradecida de tener una gran madre como en nuestras vidas de esta familia que agradezco tener.

    • Moms are a big part of our lives and we need to be sure to let them know we appreciate them. Thanks for sharing.
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