Have you ever read the book “The Tortoise and the Hare”? I am pretty sure we all have right? Who always wins the race? The slow, humble, diligent tortoise, or the loud, cocky, boasting hare? If you have read the book then you know it is the tortoise. Why do you think that is?

Photo Courtesy of: vleta on Deviant Art

What do you think the writer of this fable was trying to teach us? Who was the teaching for? Was it just for the kids or the adults too? Do you think the writer was trying to communicate to both the children and the adults at the same time? Was there a simple beautiful message that if learned and applied at a very young age could change our lives forever?

Look around. Look in the mirror. Are we not all speedy hares racing through life questioning our purpose, and getting side tracked and distracted by every meaningless thing? Where are we trying to get and why so fast? Isn’t success and life about the journey, rather than the destination? What do you think we are missing along the way?

After winning the race the tortoise says to the hare, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Has this message ever changed? I am pretty sure when I read the story again today, it hadn’t changed. You can check if you do not believe me.

If we stay true to the course of life, keep moving, and never give up, we will see that just like the tortoise, we will cross that finish line with great success. If it happens overnight, don’t plan on it lasting long, becasue anything great and true happens daily and over a long difficult journey filled with moments of success and failure.

Be the tortoise, live everyday to the fullest, and know that slow and steady wins the race. And my wife would add, “Don’t you fret just keep your pace”.


What are you?

Are you the speedy hare or the slow and steady tortoise that eventually wins the race?