Have you ever tried to lick your way to the center of a tootsie pop? How many licks did it take you? I think I tried once and it took me some 484 licks to get to the chewy center. It felt like forever. What a journey.

Photo Courtesy of: greenxwitch on Deviant Art

I wanted to bite that stupid thing so bad, but I was committed to licking my way to the center. I was committed to the journey. Not the airplane ride, but the slow mundane car ride, right to the center.

I wanted that chewy center so bad that I could almost taste it. I was drooling, sweating, and suffering my way there. I knew that once I got there it was going to be awesome and well worth all that licking.

When I got there. It was just as I thought; mouth watering wonderfulness! Thank God for this taste and chewy goodness. It was just as I imagined and I was thankful that I took the journey to get there.

Have you ever tried to lick your way to your personal chewy center? The core of who God created you to be? The best part of who you are as a living being. The only reason why God even created you. If so, how many licks did it take you? Did it feel like forever? Was it a journey that you thought would never end?

Where there times when you just wanted to bite right to the center, but you were committed to the journey? Did you take the airplane ride or did you take the car ride so that you could appreciate the journey?

Tip: The plane ride never gets you to the chewy center. It takes time and energy.

When you got there how did it taste? How did it feel? Was it just as amazing and beautiful as you thought? Or was it even more amazing and beautiful? God created it, so it must have been pretty sweet.

How about this? If you haven’t traveled to your chewy center then why don’t you do a favor to yourself and to the world and start licking today. I did and so have thousands of other people out there.

You know these people, I know these people, and more important than all God knows these people. I am telling you, you want to be one of these people.

Don’t think about how many licks it is going to take to get you there, think about there. The chewy beautiful center that God created you for. Who really gives how long it takes to get there, just be willing to keep on licking so that eventually you get there.

It’s in every lick we find wonder and joy, but when we reach the center we find God. God is at the center of all of us and he is waiting. What is taking you so long? Stop being lazy and stupid and start licking.

There was a time when I was lazy and stupid, and at times I still am. But before I started licking my way to my chewy center, I was nothing. Nobody wants to be nothing.

You want to be something. You want to be what God created you to be. And the only way you can do that, is by licking your way to center of your being. And you will get there and it will be awesome!

So, where are you at? Is the tootsie pop still in the wrapper or have you already started licking? I can tell you one thing. Goodness is at the chewy center of everyone and it is well worth the journey.


How about you?

Have you taken the time to travel to your chewy center?