Have you reached your happy place? A place in your life at which you feel happy. Maybe this is an easy question for you. For others this is probably a very difficult question.

Photo Courtesy of: -l-poixel on Deviant Art

I think finding our happy place is something we all struggle with at times, would you not agree? Why do you think that is? Do you think we have the wrong map? And because we have the wrong map we continue to go in circles never to reach our happy place?

Who has the right map and where can I get my hands on it? To tell you the truth, we all have this map deep inside us. We just need to pull it out and start embracing it. The problem is, the map most of us are using now will never get us to our happy place.

In fact, the map most of us are using now will continue to lead us further and further away from our happy place. Why? Because it takes us to places that can only give us short term happiness, and who wants only short term happiness?

Let’s take a moment to pull out our maps and ask ourselves a few tough questions about the place in which the map is supposed to lead us. Has this map lead us to our happy place? Or has it continued to lead us away from our happy place?

Is it time to throw out this old, crappy, withered, map that leads us to know where just and beautiful, and pull out the map that leads us to our happy place? Could it be a better time than now? Maybe a new map is just what you need in your life.

Here is a simple map and 10 easy ways to help you reach your happy place:

  1. Talk to God. God is the light that shines upon you, giving you light to see, be nourished, and given the energy to reach your happy place.
  2. Focus on the present. To often we focus on the future rather than present. When we do this we totally miss what is right in front of us.
  3. Be grateful. When we are grateful for what we have, including the people around us, and what God has given us, we begin to see our happy place more clearly.
  4. Get rid of your crap. Society teaches us that stuff can make us happy. The truth, it actually makes us less happy. So get rid of it.
  5. Tap into your strengths. When you know your strengths it helps you to do things that are more fulfilling causing you to be happy.
  6. Help someone else find their happy place. If you want to be happy, help someone else find their happy place. The act of helping someone else can bring an even deeper happiness to you.
  7. Set goals that you can achieve. When we set goals we can’t achieve we get unhappy. This is why you take the time to think through and set goals that you can achieve.
  8. Have a positive attitude. You want to change you life? Then change your attitude. To many people’s attitudes suck, causing them to think everything in their life sucks.
  9. Exercise regularly. When we get out and take care of our bodies regularly, it gives us the energy and life we need to be happy.
  10. Acts of kindness. Are you waiting for people to show kindness to you? This will not make you happy. Instead go show kindness to someone else and you will be happy.

This is the map I am using, I don’t know about you but I am finding my happy place everyday and I am feeling great because of it! You want to feel great and find you happy place? Throw out your map and use one that leads you there.


What about you?

Have you reached your happy place? How did you get there?