Plato, a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, and writer most famous for his work “The Republic” writes about the Form of good and suggests that justice, truth, equality, beauty, knowledge, and many other forms ultimately derive from the Form of Good.

Is it possible that we might all be good and have an inner longing for growing the good in the world?

1 Timothy 4:4 says, “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.”

Do we not all know what is good, true, and right? Can we not all see beauty?

What might the world look like if we were all to tap into this idea or form and believe that all things happen because of this Form of Good? What would happen if we started growing more good leaders? Leaders that understood and valued this form? Could we create a movement and change the world?

Lets look at Plato when he uses the sun metaphor to explain how the forms in general, and the form of the Good specifically, are causes in these two ways.

  1. Just as the sun gives light which allows us to see objects, the form of the Good provides light, order and intelligibility to allow us to know and see objects.
  2. Just as the sun provides the energy for the nourishment and growth of all living things, so the form of the Good provides energy for the same nourishment, growth, order and structure which is the source of the existence of all things.

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”

If the highest level of reality is the Form of Good, then nothing else is possible without it. Then why are we not focused on growing the good? Why are we not growing more good leaders? Or maybe we are, but what would the world look like if more of us embraced this idea? Because without the form of Good nothing else is possible? For Plato and myself, the Form of Good equates to God.

Discussion Question: Do you believe that we were all created for good? Do you believe that we could change the world if we began growing the good? What if we began growing more good leaders?