Are you following your dreams?

A few weeks ago I heard a great story about a very successful man who decided that he would drop everything and follow his dreams. Well, not everything, he still had his family, his friends, and the things that were important. Everything else was dropped; his house, his cars, and all the junk we pile up in our lives that hold us down from living our dreams.

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

I was so inspired by the story that I thought I would share it with you.

John grew up in safe and secure home, went to church, prayed, ate with his family, and lived in a house filled with love. Sounds allot like our households right! Not really, but this was Johns home.

He went to high school and graduated at the top of his class. After high school he went on to college to pursue a finance degree and eventually graduate again at the top of his class. John was on course for a great life! Would you not agree?

After college he got a great job at a large investment firm as an investment banker. He was working hard, making great money, and building a very successful career. From the outside looking in, John was living the dream. He had it all; great job, family, security, home, savings, investments, and more.

What did John not have? Fulfillment. He was living out everyones dream but his own and he was sick of it. He decided that he would stop this madness and start living out “his” dream of being a pilot.

It was a cold, dark, wintery day, and my friend received a call from John.

“What is going on John?”

“I quit” John said.

“You quit, what are you talking about?”

“I quit my job, I am going to be a pilot”

“Are you crazy? Your 42 years old”

“I don’t care, I am doing it.”

My friend was shocked. He always knew that John had this dream, but never thought he would actually live it out. Following this call John cashed in all his savings, sold everything,  and checked in to flight school.

After a few years John graduated and got a job at a local airport making minimum wage. Not something he wanted to do, but was willing to do, to work his way up and meet people in the industry. While working, he met someone who was willing to give him a job flying carrier planes. Again, not something he wanted to do but was willing to do to get to where he wanted to be.

After flying carrier planes for awhile he got a job flying a private jet. Making barely enough to eat he continued knowing that good things were ahead. He worked there for a year or so when a new opportunity arose.

John met someone who worked for Net Jets, the largest private aircraft company in the world. The guy told him to apply for a job there. Applying with no real expectation, John continued working at his current job.

It wasn’t weeks later John received a call from Net Jets asking him to come in for an interview. John was psyched, he could not believe it. Net Jets? How could this be? Is this really happening?

John went in for his interview shaking with excitement. He sat down, went through the interview, and they asked him if he wanted the job. With great passion John accepted the job and still works there to this day.

Today, John is one of the top pilots at Net jets carrying passengers such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and others. He is valued, appreciated, and loves what he does. There is not a day that goes by that he regrets his decision to drop everything and pursue his dream. John is a true inspiration to all.

A man who was sick of just living and started living his dream. Are you sick of just living? It it time that you drop everything and start living out your dream? What is holding you down?


Do you have a dream?

Are you living out your dream or are you watching others live out theirs?