Last Sunday, my wife and I were at my parents riding dirt bikes with my brother, his buddies, and our nephews. It was a beautiful hot, sunny, April day, and we were enjoying quality time with family and friends. As we raced around the track together we quickly became tired and thirsty.

We stopped and my wife grabbed us all a water. As we rested, quenched our thirst, and talked about the track, my little nephew who is five years old looked up at my wife and I and says,

“Why do you not have kids? You are married now.”

My wife looks down at him and says, “We are waiting to have kids Jon”

He says, “Once you get married, you are supposed to have kids”

My wife and I look at each other, smile, and laugh. I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was thinking in her head, “I will not live by the system in which we are taught to live. And how does this five year old kid already know the system anyway?”

This is what I love about my wife. No one will tell her what to do. Especially not some stupid system. She just lives her life embracing and appreciating every waking second and I love it.

My wife and I growing up were both taught and raised by the system. What system am I talking about? Come on, you know the system. The one you teach and preach everyday even though you know it doesn’t work. It is the happily never ever system.

Here it is for you:

  1. We are born, cared for, and then sent off to school.
  2. We attend Pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school.
  3. At the end of high school we graduate.
  4. Then we are off to college.
  5. After four years of college we graduate.
  6. After graduation we get a job.
  7. Once we have a job we find a wife.
  8. Then we get married.
  9. Now that we are married we need a house.
  10. We have a house, must be time for kids.
  11. After kids we live happily ever after.
  12. The end.

This sucks. Would you not agree? Who the hell wants to live this way?

Do you live by this system? Have you lived by this system? Where has it gotten you? Are you living happily ever after? Maybe some of you are and I am super happy for you. For you others, there is still time to get out there and live out your life. Don’t let some dumb ass system tell you what to do?

I know I am proably coming across pretty harsh here and I’m sorry. This is totally not my intent. I do 100 percent believe that there are people out there living the system that are very happy. It is just not for me or my wife. We tried the system and it didn’t work.

Maybe you have convinced yourselves that you are very happy living by the system, but deep down you feel like crap. If you convinced yourself of this-go take a walk and listen to God. He might just be speaking to you.

Life is not about living by some stupid system. Life is about living life. Taking it by the horns and riding it like a wild bull. I beleive God calls us to GO.

He wants us to go out and appreacite his beautiful creation. Run through the fields, travel the world, climb huge mountains, take risks, fall on your face, hug lots of people, smile much, give lots of high fives, run naked through the streets, and after all that, get up and do it all over again.

This is life not by the system. Know one would probably tell you to do this, other than me and maybe a few other crazies that our out there living the dream. Have dreams and live them out. We only get one chance.

Stop living happily never ever and start living the real happily ever after.

Peace be with you my friends.


What about you?

Are you living the happily never ever story because of some stupid system?