I was talking with a friend of mine who owns a business, some real estate, along with a few other things. He went on to tell me that he is sick of having to put on his game face each day. He said, everyday I get up, put on my smile, and go out and be happy for everyone but myself. I am done with this.

Photo Couretesy of: Creative Commons

What about me? What if I’m not even happy? What should I do? He said, he just wants to be real and put on whatever face he feels each day. On the outside looking in everyone probably thinks I’m great; I smile, I laugh, and I am always positive. This is the face they see, but on the inside I’m lost, broken, and frustrated. Can I show this face? What would people think of me?

How sad is this? Everyday people walking around with their game faces on, taking things to serious, and having to fake it all of the time. For what? Have we created a society where we have no idea how people are really feeling? Are we just zombies walking around with faces that aren’t even real?

What would it look like if people started putting on the right face each day verses their game face? Wouldn’t it to be nice to actually know how people are feeling? How many more opportunities would there be to help one another out?

I think we need to create a culture thats transparent, honest, and real with one another. This can’t happen when we feel like we need to put on our game faces each day.

Here are five things you can do to put on the right face each day.

  1. First thing in the morning you should pray. This helps to put God first before anything else including yourself.
  2. Focus on you and your feelings. To often we start our days thinking about others and their feelings instead of thinking about ourselves and our feelings.
  3. Visualize your day. Take time to look ahead at your day; the people, the tasks, the opportunities, the challenges. This will help you prepare and plan for what is ahead, also helping you put on the right face.
  4. Breathe. How often do we take the time to breathe? Not very often. We are always in a hurry and on to the next thing. If we take a moment to breathe we can usually put things into perspective and see things more clearly.
  5. Ask yourself the tough questions. This takes some effort. If you want to put on the right face you have to start out by asking yourself the tough questions and being real and honest with yourself first.

Now take the time to put on the right face each day including today. Stop walking around like a zombie or trying to impress everyone but yourself. Be open, be honest, and be real. Put on the right face and see what happens – I bet it changes your life and the lives around you.

Discussion Question: What face are you putting on each day?