I am sure you have heard the proverb, “the early bird gets the worm.” What are your feelings on this? Are you an early bird or a late bird? Do you struggle with getting up early and getting things done? My wife sure does. She loves to sleep and I love this about her!

For me, I believe that the early bird does get the worm. Think about it for a second, say two birds are competing to catch the worm, the bird that arrives early will be successful in catching the worm. And the bird that shows up late staggering in, gets nothing.

Another way to think about it is: Your mom makes a wonderful breakfast, she calls out to everyone in the house, “Breakfast is ready,” you lay there for awhile, while everyone else jumps out of bed to eat. What happens when you show up? Everything is gone, other than a few scraps and crumbs.

Is this not true in life? When we get up early, plan out our day, get our heads right, and arrive early, we get the worm. I understand this is a hard thing to learn and often times takes time implement, but when you get it right it, your life just seems to work better.

When I was young I was always told that the early bird gets the worm, mostly from my dad. He would always say, “Son, you got to get up and get moving, you can’t sit around here and sleep the day away.” I hated when he would say this, it made me feel worthless – I just wanted to sleep. My dad was a hardworking guy, who would get up everyday at 6am. He would get dressed, eat, have coffee, have some quite time, and he was out the door.

My dad was an early bird who always got the worm. He worked hard, got up early, and was successful.  At times he would work too hard, but that’s a different blog on working too hard. I love my dad and I am very thankful that he took the time to train and engrain this into my being, because now, later in life it has become easier for me.

If your not an early bird I would encourage you to try it for at least thirty days to see the impact. I think you will find it to be very benfical to you, your family, and those around you.

Over the years I have struggled with this idea, I have gathered a list of five benefits to being the early bird who gets the worm.

  1. God. The best time to spend with God and listen to the holy spirit is right away in the morning. It’s quiet, you’re by yourself, and God is speaking to you. God always told Moses, “Get up early.”
  2. Productivity. Often times the lack of productivity is caused by poor planning. When you wake up late you’re already scattered, in a hurry, and out the door without a good plan for the day. People who wake up early and build a plan for the day are typically more productive.
  3. Health. Grandma always said, “Early to bed and early to rise: Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Also, with good health comes good energy.
  4. Family. If you get up late you probably come home late. How does this affect your family? Are you having dinner with your family and spending time with them, or are you coming home at 8,9,10 o’clock at night. How can you value family when you’re not making time for them?
  5. Wisdom. Getting up early is something not only my dad challenged me to do growing up, but my mentors preach it all the time. They say, “When you get up early and reflect, pray, and get your head in the game, it helps to build wisdom by spending time and knowing yourself well.

If you’re not an early bird that’s ok. I am not saying this works for everyone, it just works for me, my mentors, and several other great leaders whom I honor and respect.

Discussion Question: Are you an early bird who gets the worm? What benefits have you found from being an early bird?