A couple a weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who is at the end of his cancer. He was diagnosed last December after feeling very weak and dizzy. His wife rushed him to the hospital and sure enough he had cancer. At first they were devastated, frustrated, and angry, but they believed God had a plan and a purpose for all things.

As I sat and listened to him share his stories of pain, suffering, and life, I was encouraged, inspired, and motivated to be more like him. A man who just coming out of cancer had so much faith and appreciation for what was ahead. He was pumped up and ready for anything.

This man loved God, loved his wife, and loved every second of life. He went on to tell me how thankful he was for the cancer and the opportunity to suffer. He believed that he was a better man because of his pain and suffering. He shared this quote with me.

“In love’s service only the wounded warriors can serve”

A wounded warrior yet still strong, courageous, and ready to serve. He was up making food for us, talking about the rest of his day and how he was going to pick up a young girl and show her around at a local university. He is a servant and I am thankful to be his friend.

Just before I was going to leave we decided that we should pray together. He pulls out his prayer card and asks me what he can pray for. I told him, my family, direction, and love for all Gods people. Then I asked him what is that card you have there?

He said, “This is my prayer card, I bring it with me everywhere. I take down prayers as I hear them and I ask people what I can pray for. ”

“What a great idea.” I said.

“Yeah, I figured it’s more important to prayer for others than myself.”

This inspired me to leave that day and start my own prayer card. Actually, I use two different methods for capturing prayers.

Here are the two methods:

  1. iPhone notes app. I have a note inside the notes app called prayer card. As I capture prayers I go inside the note app, click the note titled “prayer card” and type the prayer in. I prefer this over the second method because it’s always with me.
  1. 3X5 prayer card. In my folder I carry around a 3×5 card that I have titled the same as the note inside the notes app. Sometimes when I am talking to someone and they share a prayer request with me, I try and be respectful and not pull out my phone. Instead I pull out the 3×5 card and write down the prayer.

Capturing prayers and praying for others is way more fulfilling than praying for yourself. I love it! After two weeks now of capturing prayers and actually praying for others has changed my life. Instead of always having an inward focus, I have begun to have an outward focus.

“God does not calls us to focus on ourselves, but to focus on the needs of others”

If you want to change your focus away from yourself, maybe you should start a prayer card. Either way works great; the iPhone or the 3×5 card! Try it out.


What about you?

Do you have a prayer card? Are you praying for others? How do you take away the inward focus?