How can we be worry free in our life? What are we worrying about? Over the past few years my Dad has lost two of his best friends and then today in the news a young man has a heart attack after scoring the winning shot at his high school basketball game, you can read the story here.

Photo Courtesy Of: Creative Commons

Now think for a second, your 16 years old, you just scored the winning shot, and seconds later you literally breathe your last breath. What do you think went through this young mans head as he scored that shot? Was he thinking about paying his bills, finding a job, a girlfriend, or dying? I would say probably not. I would bet, he was thinking about the specific moment he was in and the experience of playing ball with all his buds and winning the game. He wasn’t worrying about tomorrow, he was letting tomorrow worry about it’s self. As sad as this story is, this young man died doing something he loved with the people he loved, and this story will go down in history.

So, how do we live without worry and enjoy our life experiences? In Philippians 4:6, Paul shares how to be worry free in this life. I think there are three things we can start with. We must first of all start by praying right. If we take everything to the Lord in prayer with a heart of adoration and appreciation will lift our hearts above the current situation and focus them on Christ our savior.

We must also think right, meaning we must think about the right things. Think about the current moment we are in, the people we love, and the things we are blessed to experience. Not about things we have no control of or have no real meaning. What we allow in our minds will effect what we think about the situation. When our thoughts are guarded by God’s peace and guided by what is true they will filter out thoughts of worry or fear.

Finally, the cure for worry involves living right and how do we live right? We must be obedient to the word and will of God in our life. We must not let ourselves be distracted by worldly things, instead we must focus on things that are just and right. The reason most people are anxious and worry is because they are living in disobedience. The peace of God will reign in your life when you not only seek to learn the word but begin to live the word.

What are you worrying about in your life? Can you think of a similar story as my dad or the young boy? How do these stories make you feel?