I have been thinking through this idea of the tangible and intangible realms and how they are connected. I really started thinking about this idea about 3-4 years ago when social media started to take place of the tangible realm. Maybe not 100% but it was definitely starting to have a pretty serious affect on it. And still does today. Can we change this? I think so.

People all over the world connecting in the intangible realm, but never bringing it back to the tangible realm to experience reality. I remember watching everyday people, not companies or influential leaders on facebook and twitter with two, three, and four thousand friends. Seriously?

Were they also connecting with all those people in the tangible realm? Was it just an intangible relationship? Or, were they just trying to build this huge intangible realm to build up there self image. Now don’t get me wrong, I think we all need ways of building up our self images, however we can’t allow these things to take place of the tangible realm where reality happens.

So, how are we connecting the tangible and intangible realms? Or have we totally lost the importance of how these two connect and exist? We cannot have one without the other. The two exist because of the need for each other. In the same way we as humans exist because of the need for each other. Each person has this deep inner desire to be connected, have conversation, and go out together and make things happen.

Everything real and of any sort of value happens in the tangible realm. The intangible realm only exists to empower the tangible realm to go and make reality. Think of God, he exists as an intangible human being to empower us to go and make things happen in the tangible realm. If God only wanted the intangible realm, he would have never created humans who by very nature are tangible.

Business, relationships, marriage, friendships, community, and everything else seems to take place in the tangible realm. Not that they can’t start in the intangible realm. They just need to end there. Connecting, building, creating conversation, and many other things all happen in a very tangible way.

Again, how can the intangible realm connect to the tangible realm? Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”. What Einstein was saying was that there are things in the intangible realm that count, yet can’t be counted. And there are things that happen in the tangible realm in which can be counted that don’t count. However, these two things are very connected and both count. Just as the tangible and intangible realms both count.

These things connect when we are willing to step out of the intangible realm and believe that reality happens in the tangible realm. Think of the last time you saw someone get married without ever meeting the other person. This never happens. They may have met online or in the intangible realm, but eventually they connected and got married in the tangible realm. The good stuff happens in the tangible realm.

We must be willing to make connections, build relationships, share experiences, and whatever else in the intangible realm, but then we must bring it back to the tangible realm where reality happens. Now go make connections, build relationships, share Jesus, make things happen, and then bring it back down here to the tangible realm.