I’m always amazed with little kids and the things we can learn from them. When we think about learning we usually don’t think about little kids. Instead we think about professors, teachers, or older more successful individuals. Why do we think this way? Is it because we know that they have gained the knowledge and experience that we seek to learn? Probably. However, what might they be missing? Is it presence? Maybe unconditional love?

Photo Courtesy: http://search.creativecommons.org/

Last Sunday at Church there was a little girl sitting in front of my wife and I. She was beautiful, brown hair, blue eyes, and full of life. She appreciated every moment and experience. You could not only sense it, but feel it. She had a little friend with her too. Not a live friend, but a stuffed animal bunny rabbit friend. As the pastor asked us to stand and worship with him, she stood up her bunny, and began to stretch out the bunny’s arms to worship with us. My wife and I looked at each other and smiled.

After worshiping, she sat her bunny rabbit down, and listened intently to the teaching. The pastor was talking about love and how we need to learn to love our families unconditionally. He went on to say that truly loving someone means risk and that its not always easy. As the teaching continued I watched while the little girl wrote a love note to both her mom and the little bunny.When she finished she gave one note to her mom, and sat the other on the bunnies lap. Both notes read, “I love you”. When is the last time you wrote your Mom, wife, or kids a love note? Even if it did say, “I love you”. You probably can’t even remember.

I was so inspired by how this little girl took the teaching and acted upon it immediately. She went first. Know one told her to write those love notes. She decided in that moment that it was an opportunity to love unconditionally. She was willing to take the risk. Not only did she go first and show unconditional love, she showed a non living stuffed animal unconditional love.

This is just one example of a beautiful child showing unconditional love to her mom and a stuffed animal. I am sure there are millions of other examples that I could share. However, this one really hit at home because it was about love. I think love is something we lack in the world today. Lets learn from this little one. Maybe we could even start today, by writing a nice love note to someone we love unconditionally.

What have you learned lately from a little kid? Maybe even your little one? Please share with us.