I hope everyone had a very blessed week. I know its tough out there, and things seem to be getting worse. All I can say is keep the faith, stay positive, and all will work out in time – I promise. If you’re feeling down, pick yourself up, put on a smile, and let’s try and have a awesome week!

I’m really looking forward to a week filled with greatness! Lots of interesting blogs coming up.

Here is a preview of what you can look forward to this week.

  1. Everyone looses battles, few go on to win the war: I am going to write about how everyone looses, however it’s the people who never give up and continue to fight, that go on to win the war. We must be willing to fall down, take some risks, and get right back up if we want to win.
  2. Why my 2010 goals became my 2011 goals: Every year I set goals for myself. In 2010 I set some pretty serious goals. I completely failed at all the goals and felt defeated. This year, I pulled out those goals and made them my 2011 goals. I want to talk about how I am doing and what it looks like to never give up on your goals.
  3. Are you putting on your game face? When you wake up everyday, what face are you putting on?
  4. Keep on knocking: I want to talk about how we are called to ask, seek, and knock. We can’t expect that the first door we knock on is going to open. God calls us to continue asking, seeking, and knocking.

Thanks everyone for reading and being a part of this community. I appreciate your comments, thoughts, and feedback. Everyday you inspire me to wake up and be the person God wants me to be. God bless you this week.