Last week I decided that I would start putting together a weekly blogging plan. After struggling to execute, prioritize, and balance my life, I committed to building a plan. There were a few things I was really looking for out of this plan.

  1. I wanted better balance in my life. I felt that God, my family, and I all deserved it. I didn’t want to make blogging a priority over any of these things. It’s important to me, but not more important than God, my family, or my own well being.
  2. I wanted to make sure that all my thoughts, ideas, and everything else got executed and not lost in the thick of my journal and notes. Do you know what I’m talking about? You jot all your ideas and such down, but then it gets lost and never executed. Why do you think this happens? Is it because there isn’t planned time to go through it all? Now I have a weekly time. I go through all my notes and ideas and build them into my weekly plan. This way everything gets done or pitched.
  3. I wanted to better prioritize and plan out my weeks. Do you ever feel like your week gets the best of you, instead of you getting the best of your week. This happens to everyone, so don’t feel bad. I was not going to let this happen with my blogging. So I made it a priority and built it into my weeks.

Now that I have been doing this for over a week now, I’m already seeing awesome results! My relationship with God is better, my wife seems happier, and my well being is getting better. I guess this planning thing really works. Winston Churchill said, “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. Thanks Winston.

I hope everyone enjoyed my posts last week and they continue to add value. I know I really enjoyed writing and sharing them with you. I feel super blessed to have such an awesome community of people whom I can learn from and share with. If you ever have thoughts, ideas, or anything you want to share, please let me know. I am always here for you.

Here is what you can look forward to this week on my blog.

  1. Purple Jesus.
  2. The tangible and intangible.
  3. Why you should attend 2-3 conferences per month.
  4. Can we use this idea of crowd sourcing to build the next church?

I’m not including descriptions this week. I guess you will have to read the posts. Sorry. Thanks for reading and lets have an awesome week!

Question: What are you looking forward to this week? Big plans, family stuff, birthday…..event?