After almost two years of using Tumblr, an effortlessly way to pretty much share anything, I decided that I needed to upgrade to something more robust. I’m very thankful for Tumblr, it was a great way to get started  in the world of blogging and sharing random thoughts. I remember the day signing up for Tumblr thinking, “What am I going to talk about”. Two years later I have hundreds of thoughts, articles, and insights all online, thankful to Tumblr.

Photo Courtesy Of: Creative Commons

What was I going to do with all this information? What were my long term goals of having a blog/website? Lots of questions and no definitive answers left me thinking for days. Then, after praying and reading, I thought, “There’s no better way to get my thoughts down and add value to peoples lives than have a blog/website”. I was really enjoying this experience and wanted to get deeper.

Ok, so now I knew why I was blogging, what tool was I going to use going forward? I wanted something scalable and more robust than Tumblr. I began the search, talking to friends, researching, and scanning Smashing Magazine. Finally, I came across a WordPress theme called Standard Theme, a simple, easy to-use WordPress Theme. I was very excited and thankful that the team at 8BIT created this awesome tool. The cost was affordable and everything was standards compliant. I also loved that the Standard Theme was pretty much a wireframe, allowing for design customization.

I paid for the theme, downloaded it, and now I was ready to connect with someone who could help me customize it. I reached out to a few friends of mine at Visual Hero for help. In my opinion, some of the most talented designers in the country. We talked about design goals, other sites I liked, and what I wanted to get out of the design experience. We agreed that we wanted to keep it simple focusing on the content. They went to work installing everything, designing, and plugging everything in. This past Monday we met to collaborate, review, and finalize everything.

Everything was completed and ready to go live on Monday, but we still needed content. I spent the last few days putting together all the content and populating the site. It’s now Thursday and were ready to take the site live. We setup hosting, change the domain name servers, test everything again, and we take the site live. Hallelujah.

Were now live and I’m super thankful for everyones help. Here are all the people that made this possible.

  • Thank you to the 8Bit team for creating the theme
  • Thank you to Visual Hero for helping me with the customization and design work, I love you guys.
  • Thank you to my wife for giving me constant feedback and love.
  • Thank you to the twitter and facebook communities that are always there for me.
  • Thank you to Dreamhost for hosting the site.
  • Thank you God for allowing all this happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So here it is, my personal blog/website. My daily random thoughts and opinions that I express freely with the hope of adding value to peoples lives and teaching the world to love like Jesus. Thanks again everyone and please enjoy. God bless.

Is there anything you would add? Anything you see that you would change? I would love to hear from you.