Last week Sunday morning I started to get a sore throat. You know the ones where you can feel the snot draining down your throat? This was the one. I didn’t think anything of it at first. I had plans for that day; church, run, maybe take a nap, and have dinner with the family.

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During Church it hit me like a ton of bricks. My nose filled up, throat continued to hurt, and my head was pounding. At this point I knew it was over. I went home, crawled into bed, and didn’t wake up till the next day. The next day I woke up and nothing had changed, other than everything was worse. I decided to take a hot shower and rest some more. I thought maybe If I just rested it will go away. It’s now Wednesday March, 2 and I still have this stupid cold. It is holding on for dear life. It’s like my Grandma on a roller coaster. Have you ever taken your Grandma on a roller coaster? You should try it sometime!

In the past my colds usually lasted for a couple of days, not this one. I have tried everything and it just wont go away. I started to give up when I thought, “Lets use Twitter and Facebook to see what we can learn from others, maybe they are experiencing the same thing”. Sure enough the tweets, Facebook messages, and even a few text messages started pouring in. After collecting all the messages I gathered ten remedies to cure the common cold.

Here they are.

  1. Sleep. It does work, just not this time for me. This was my moms best remedy.
  2. Take Calcium, magnesium, and Zinc twice daily. These are basic vitamins that you might be missing in your daily diet.
  3. Zicam. My friend Matt Fulk told me to take this. He said it works for him every time.
  4. Airborne. This helps to support your immune system. I have been told this works best at the beginning of the cold.
  5. Hot steamy shower. This might not cure it, but it will sure make you feel better. The steam will help break down the congestion.
  6. Plenty of fluids. It is important to break up the congestion and get it out of your system.
  7. Gargle with warm salt water. Gargling can moisten a sore or scratchy throat and bring temporary relief. Try a half teaspoon of salt dissolved in 8 ounces of warm water four times daily.
  8. Blow your nose often. It’s important to blow your nose when you have a cold rather than sniffling mucus back into your head.
  9. Use saline nasal sprays. They also help to break us the congestion.
  10. Hot bowl of Soup. There is nothing like a hot bowl of soup. Not really sure how this helps, it just does.

I don’t know about you but I am going to try all of these. I will let you know which ones work best. Thanks to everyone for sharing their remedies with me. I hope these can help others as well.

What remedies do you use? What helps to cure your colds?

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  • Derek

    Get a Netti Pot, best thing I have ever used for getting rid of stuff!

  • Colds are horrible. Make you feel gross, post-nasal drip causes upset stomachs and your face feels like it’s going to explode like an over-rip melon.

    Some other ideas are drinking peppermint tea:
    The heat will help break up the junk in your throat/lungs and the menthol from the peppermint will help clear your sinuses as well as settle your stomach as well as help the cough.
    Warm air humidifier will help the cough that accompanies a cold similar to the hot shower.
    Avoid dairy as this can worsen the runny nose.
    Altoids, of the mint variety.

    • Tadd,

      I am finally better and getting through all my emails and such. Thanks
      for the advice. I hope you are doing well.

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  • Thanks to you Danny for sharing this informative stuff here on the problem of common cold….The remedies suggested by you to fight against it are really very useful ones….

  • This is so interested! Where can I find more like

    • Thanks for the comment. I would just search remedies for the common cold or something like that. I hop you feel better.