It’s been way to long since I attended a conference. I used to attend an average of 2-3 conferences per month. I had mentors that would encourage me to find ways to attend. Even if that meant working extra jobs to make money, sleeping in a room of five guys, or cramming into a car to get there.

I remember them telling me, “There isn’t any better way to be stretched and pushed to be better, than be surrounded by thousands of people who have the same goal”. I love this about my mentors, they are always stretching and pushing me to be better.

It became one of the many ways I would seek to grow, learn, and be challenged. I loved listening to different speakers talk about their views and perspectives on topics both big and small. After, we would share amongst different people to hear their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.

I figured, what was life if it wasn’t constantly challenging, inspiring, and teaching me to look at things different. Growing up as an athlete I always wanted competition, growth, and opportunities to be made better – I was born an achiever.

Conferences did exactly this for me. In fact, conferences at times did more than any training or sports did. Lets just say, awesome things happen when you bring two, three, four, or ten thousand people together at one time – you get inspired.

Out of nowhere a few weeks ago I was asked to attend a conference called Unleash. One of my friends wife recommended me to attend with my pastor. She is awesome for thinking of me! It was a great conference and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. If you want to be challenged, encouraged, and pushed to go out and share Jesus then this is the place.

The conference was designed to encourage and equip people for ministry through their local Church. It was a one day conference with two breakout and teaching sessions by Perry Noble. I walked away from this conference thinking about how thankful I was that I was able to attend.

It brought back memories of when I would attend 2-3 conferences per month. I was seriously recharged, motivated, and inspired to do great things in the world. I was stretched, encouraged, and better because I attended.

Since this conference I made it my goal again to attend 2-3 conferences per month. I feel life is way too short to not take advantage of every opportunity to become better.

Here are ten reasons why you should attend 2-3 conferences per month.

  1. You meet some of the best and brightest people in the world. You share similar interests, experiences and help one another do great things in the world.
  2. They open your mind to new thoughts, ideas, and opportunities.
  3. You challenge your mind to consider new perspectives, theories, and visions for the future.
  4. You get to inspire and encourage your heart.
  5. You are able to share what you are working on and get other peoples thoughts and recommendations immediately.
  6. You are able to build relationships with people that you might not ever have met.
  7. You can be inspired to create, build, or develop something new. Who knows you might even want to write a book or something!
  8. You can receive answers to difficult or challenging questions that keep you up all night.
  9. You will realize how awesome your life is and be grateful for the mentors and people who wish to support you in your journey ahead.
  10. You get to help, encourage, inspire, motivate, and build up other people. You realize you are not in this alone, but together.

These are the ten reasons why I’m attending 2-3 conferences per month. It seems to work for me and I hope this helps to inspire you to attend conferences as well. I think you will see and appreciate the results.

How about you? Why do you attend conferences? Are they making you better?