Are you seeking a revival? Are you asking how? Well, I can tell you this, there have been several occasions where I was seeking a revival and wondering how? And every time I found it. I’m a mess just like everyone else, a sinner saved by grace.

What an awesome thing, right? We all fall short and still have the opportunity to experience revival and the love of Christ.

Maybe your life is jacked up right now. Maybe you’re living in a broken home. Maybe your kids are getting into all kinds of trouble. Maybe your wife is ready to leave you. Maybe she doesn’t feel secure or loved. Maybe it’s come to the point where you don’t even want to come home, and you’re ready to break. I can tell you this, it’s ok. Things can turn around, and they will.

I hope and pray things haven’t gotten to this point. However, if they have just be thankful. Thankful for what, you’re probably thinking. Thankful that you’ve been broken to the point of seeking and needing a revival. I can tell you I have reached this point several times. It’s not pretty, but you will get through it. God gives strength to all those who honor him.

If you’ve reached the point of seeking and needing a revival, you got allot of work to do. I’m not sugar coating this, you got some serious work to do. And it starts with you and and in the home. Revival will not happen overnight, nor will it happen anywhere including churches, communities, the nation, or the world before it happens in you and in your home.

Maybe your already a Christian and have experienced revival. You’re out there spreading the word, building Churches, starting companies, and bringing all kinds of people to know Christ and experience a revival. I appreciate that. However, if you and your home are broken, you got problems.

I had and have these problems. I was building, creating, and sharing my faith like never before, but when I really looked into things everything was broken. How was I out there doing all this work, when there was so much work that had to be done in both myself and my family? What was I thinking?

Roy Hession in his book the Calvary Road talks about how revival starts with you and in the home, and if you want to see a revolutionary revival you better start with you and your family. He goes on to say “The Lord Jesus cannot live in us fully and reveal Himself through us until the proud self within us is broken,” I believe this to be true. To see any type of revival we need to be broken and the “I” needs to be thrown out the window.

Revival might have happened at one point in my life, but true revival happens when we can put away our self, admit our sins, and pray that revival come to our hearts and minds daily. Once this happens in you, you will begin to see this happen in your home, in your churches, in the nation, and around the world. And this is exactly what we want to see happen.

I’m not perfect and I sure don’t have all the answers, but I’m praying and working very hard on myself and my family first, so that I can see a revival happen like never before.

Discussion Question: Does a revival need to happen in you and in you’re home? Are you the one out there preaching, starting companies, and building churches when a revival needs to happen in you and in your home? How do you feel about this?