When I used to race motorcycles, everyone would call me ironman. At first I had no idea why. Then, I decided I would ask them. I found out that our friends and people at the races nicknamed me this because I would often times crash, fight from the back, and still win the race.

I was never the fastest rider or the most talented rider, but I was the strongest and I worked for it. If you ask anyone they will tell you this. I never gave up and I always believed that I could win. When I was young, my dad trained me to get up as fast as I could, when I would crash. He always told me to never give up and be tough. Like I said before, he was a tough love kind of dad.

I can recall the days driving to the races with our heads out the windows yelling and screaming at 5am. I was like, “Dad what are we doing”. He would say, “Son I am trying to toughen you up.” I suppose he accomplished his goal.

When we raced seriously, we would almost have races every weekend. Each race was part of a bigger series. The results and points would add up at each race. At the end of the series whoever had the most points would win the championship.

No one ever won every single race or battle including me. People would crash, get hurt, have bike problems, or get sick. Almost anything could happen, and it did. However, I can tell you there were several championships as a young athlete that I went on to win. Even though I lost the battles, I still went on to win the wars.  If you wanted it bad enough you would get right back up, brush yourself off, and go on.

I believe we must be willing to loose races or battles, so that we can go on to win championships or wars. See, if we were to win every race or battle, we would have no idea what to do when we lost. Instead it is the races and battles that we loose that make us stronger. Each race we loose is only an opportunity to become the best we possible can be.

Recently, I lost a few battles in my life. Some pretty serious battles. I stepped out of my comfort zone, took some huge risks, and failed miserably. Maybe you know how this feels? It sucks, right? Just when you build up the faith, confidence, and will to step out and try something new, it comes back and takes you down.

The pain, hurt, tears, and scars cause you to want to give up, and it would probably be easier that way. However, just as I lost several races and battles growing up, this is no different. We must be willing to loose battles, so that we can go on to win the war.

Can we agree that everyone looses battles or races in their lives, but very few continue on to win the war? It takes a very special person to continue after loosing battles. You must be willing at first to take the risks and fall, then after falling still get back up, brush yourself off, and continue on to win the war.

Discussion Question: What battles have you lost lately? Have you given up, or are you going on to win the war?