What are your goals? They are different for everyone. For some people it’s loosing weight, for another it’s balance or getting a promotion. But, whatever your goals, the ultimate goal is to never give up on your goals. How many people do you know that set goals and never achieve them? You can probably think of a few.

Every year I set goals for myself. How about you? I was taught early on by my trainers to set goals and never give up on them. Even if that meant your goals had to be moved to the next year. In 2010 I set some very serious goals for myself after realizing how out of balance my life was. I sat down, prayed, and thought about what my goals should be for the year. I came up with three goals.

  1. Further my relationship with God.
  2. Better my relationship with my wife.
  3. Walk slowly through the halls.

I wrote them down and put them up every where around the house, in my office, and in my car. I don’t think I missed a place to advertise my goals to myself. I was committed and wanted these goals for me, my family, and everyone around me. I knew that if I could accomplish these goals, everything in my life would just be better and more fulfilling.

The first few months were good, and then everything started to go down hill. What happened? Several things. I actually put together a list of 8 reasons why I failed and my 2010 goals became my 2011 goals.

  1. Energy. At first when I set the goals I was excited and ready. After awhile the energy ran out and I gave up.
  2. Priorities. I think we all struggle with this, right? I sure do. Lets just say that in 2010 my priorities were not right at all.
  3. Lack of ownership. I wasn’t completely bought into my goals. I believed in them, but wasn’t sold on them. And I hadn’t shifted the initiative internal.
  4. Time. I am a pretty optimistic person and often times will underestimate the time it takes to accomplish things.
  5. Difficulty. I wasn’t being realistic when it came to the difficulty of the goals I was setting.
  6. Poor Rewards. I wasn’t rewarding myself for the small achievements along the way.
  7. Maintenance. Eventhough I was changing my behavior, I wasn’t maintaining it very well.
  8. Create a Map. I set the goals but forgot to create a map that included; where I was at, where I wanted to go, and how I was going to get there.

For all these reasons I failed at accomplishing my goals for 2010. I was defeated, down, but not ready to give up. This year I took out that same list of goals and made them my 2011 goals. I remembered that the biggest goal I could set was not to give up on my goals.

How are you doing on your goals for this year? Have you already failed? Are this years goals, last years goals?