Are you ever just blown away with the power of the crowd and how connected we are today? About five years ago I signed up for a Google alert, called crowd sourcing.

Crowd sourcing is the idea that when you outsource tasks or things, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a “crowd”), through an open shout out, you begin to make much larger things happen. This is an uncontrolled idea verses a typical controlled idea and usually happens through new forms of communication such as social media.

As I watched what was happening in the world I wanted to understand how I could be apart of it. I wanted to not sit back and watch the change, but stand up and be the change. I was in love with this idea and where it could take us.

I always say, “I am never the smartest person in the room, I just surround myself with allot of smart people.” Might this be what we are saying around the world? Maybe we are starting to drop the I and instead start thinking about we, and what we can do instead of what I can do. I know its complicated and hard to understand at times, but the day we fully embrace this we will literally change the world in more ways than we can think of.

I think you would totally agree with me when I say that we are living in a world that is more connected than we could have ever imagined. The world where the crowd is more empowered than at any point in human history. When I say the crowd I mean everyone, not just the powers at be.

The crowd now has the tools, technology, and ultimately the power to not only threaten traditional top down power and leadership structures, but to totally destroy and eliminate them. I believe the people who continue to lead, serve, unleash, and push these ideas will eventually change the world. People will need to decide whether they want to be a part of this or be washed away by old ways of thinking and doing.

As we continue to watch this happen we need to find ways to empower this. This is not going away but only getting stronger. Here are a few ways we can embrace this idea and help push it forward.

  1. Empower the Crowd to do what we would traditionally pay professionals to do for us.
  2. Empower the Crowd to do what they already WANT and are doing without us.
  3. Empower the Crowd to do what only they can do at a Level only they can achieve
  4. We must be willing to give up control, so that we may be in control, of what we are called to be in control of.

Now lets look at how we can use this idea of crowd sourcing to build the next Church. Crowd sourcing is not an new idea, in fact I would argue  that this is what the Church was created and intended to be. A revolution of people using the gifts, talents, and creativity God has given them to serve the church, serve the world, and do amazing things.

What would it look like if we gave up control and empowered the crowd to create the next Church? Why does Church have to happen in this systematic approach? Why do we have to do things the traditional way?

Why can’t we give a shout out to a crowd and see what the people need, desire, and want? Remember when WE think or assume that WE are smarter than the crowd, WE actually make ourselves look very stupid. Think about the Church being created before the Church is actually created.

How about the next Church being created by the people, for the people, through the people. Now this would be church. Gods children making things happen, sharing the word, and coming together because we gave up control and let people use their talents and gifts for something bigger than themselves.

When you not just involve, but unleash people to do great things and what they were already created to do, we might just achieve so much more than we ever could have by paying and depending on a small handful of professionals.

Now here is the problem again, very few churches and businesses are structured to handle this sort of shift or idea. WE want to contiune to be in control even though we suck at it. And so we continue to do what we know – Hire and pay people to do the “work”.

In my opinon its’ time that we throw out the olds ways of doing things, embrace this idea of crowd sourcing, and start building the next Church. Could this just be what God is calling us to do?

What are your thoughts on crowd sourcing and using it to build the next Church?