Fear. What a interesting thing we all face. We all fear things. Some people fear heights, some people fear spiders, and some people fear pretty much everything that lives, eats, and breathes! The truth? We all fear something. Fear is to be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about something. What do you fear?

Do we really have anything to fear, if we only fear the Lord? Deuteronomy 6:13 says, Fear the LORD your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name. What if we began to live by this verse? What if we only feared the Lord our God? What if we all agreed that it was unacceptable to fear one another? That being judged was just not ok. Everyone was accepted and I mean everyone. We cut the crap and started loving one another as Christ loved us. I think we can we agree that we should not fear each other? This is ridiculously. Think of the fear that impacts our daily lives; what people wear, what they do to their bodies, the dreams they give up on. To me this is unacceptable.

We should fear no one other than the Lord our God and I mean no one. Not the bully at school, not your parents, not your friends, no one. Try this. Next time you fear something, say to yourself, “I will only fear the Lord my God.” It might take awhile to get all the fearful people and things out of your life, but eventually it will go away. I promise.

No longer should we fear our brothers in sisters when God calls us to only fear him and only him. What would the world look like without fear? I picture a world filled with peace, love, faith, and understanding. Is this possible? Absolutely. But only if and when we start to fear God and only God. Now, who do you fear?

Discussion Question: Who or what do you fear? Do you fear the Lord your God or do you fear your brothers and sisters?