Where do you capture your ideas? Do you write them down in a journal? Random pieces of paper? Maybe some online tool? The way you capture your ideas doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you capture your ideas.

Now you have all your ideas down. There either on random pieces of paper, in your journal, or online. What happens now? You get busy with other projects, day to day activities, and you forget and loose your ideas in the clutter. Is this sounding familiar? This never happens to you right?

This happens to me all the time. I would write down all these ideas and then loose them in the midst of my journal. I started trying something new and it’s working great. I was inspired by an idea by John Maxwell. He talked about an idea where he would capture all his ideas and place them in a side pocket in his notebook. The ideas that got placed in the side pocket are the ones that got done.

I thought, this makes sense, but what about all the journals I have? Do I get rid of them or can I come up with a different way of making sure my ideas get done? Then it hit me. I was journaling everyday anyway. I was capturing all my ideas in a journal. What was happening?

I decided I would start what I call What Gets Flagged Gets Done. It’s a very simple idea. Inside your journal you have all kinds of notes, ideas, graphs, etc. Pages and pages of them. Inside those pages are your ideas. The ones you loose and never get done. You know what I am talking about? So how do you capture them and make sure they get done?

Start carrying Post It flags around inside your notebook. You can put them in the back, in the front, or use them as a page mark. Now, when you have an idea, flag that thing. You can even highlight and flag it if you want. I usually do both. When you go back to look for your ideas in the future, you just look for the flags. No more searching through pages or wondering what happened to your ideas. There right there with the flags!

This seems to be working for me. I’m not saying this will work for you, it’s just an idea.

Discussion Question: How do you make sure your ideas get done? What are your strategies? What works for you?