God is allowing me to create a great story. It’s through this story where I continue to find hope, peace, and redemption.  I’ve experienced and tasted all the things of this world. What did I find? I found Christ our saviour, the saviour of the world. What did I learn? I learned that it is not through worldly things that we find the things we seek, rather it’s through our faith and trust in the Lord that we find these things.

God was there along. Why was I not paying attention? How did I miss the bus? Well, I was too caught up in myself, too caught up in the world. No longer will I stand there on the curb waiting for the bus and not get on. It’s time that I be obedient to Gods calling and get on the bus. The bus leads us into the land filled with milk in honey. The land filled with grace and love. If we know these things why do we not get on the bus? Can it be a lack of faith and belief in the one true God?

Discussion Question: Are you not paying attention? Are you standing on the curb? Are you missing the bus?