Leaders struggle daily to breed the best ideas. Maybe you are one of those blessed individuals that have so many ideas that you actually confuse the best ideas. So what do we do? We build our teams, we take notes, we meet, we brainstorm, and still sometimes our ideas really SUCK. Let’s be honest they do sometimes SUCK.

In the midst of pages and pages of notes, diagrams, pictures, and mental foggyness we miss the great ideas. What happened? We scheduled meetings, they were structured, and we had the best of the best in the meeting. Why did nothing amazing come from all this?

Do you think more whiteboards will solve the problem? How about that amazing whiteboard paint IdeaPaint? Maybe a new Moleskin notebook. More and more ideas and what to do with them all? You’re idea overwhelmed with no escape. Dozens of great ideas pouring out of your brain. What to do with all this mess and make sure the best ideas are bred?

Scott Belsky with the Behance Network interviews thousands of creatives to determine what it takes to make ideas happen. He breaks things down beautifully in his new book “Making Ideas Happen”. I would recommend it to anyone that has ideas and struggles with making them happen or making the best ones happen.

After reading the book and using several of the tips and insights I have found what I like to call THREE ROOMS THAT HELP TO BREED THE BEST IDEAS. The idea is taken from a chapter in the book that talks about Walk Disney and a tactic they use to come up with the best ideas. Essentially the idea says that you need to either physically or metaphorically create three rooms. By creating the three rooms it helps to break your ideas down, segment them, and make them easier to chew on.

  1. Room 1 is Ideas. Everything starts out in room 1. This is where all the ideas are taken down. You are to spew out all the ideas that are in your head and you can’t stop until you are laying on the floor not breathing. We need to make sure that we capture every idea. If someone begins to shut down any idea they get tossed.
  2. Room 2 is organize. Now that we have all the ideas down we need to begin organizing them. We might organize them based on phases, stages, quarters, years, or months. It’s really your choice how you organize them. The important thing is that they get organized.
  3. Room 3 is challenge. So you got all your ideas down, you organized them, now it’s time to challenge them. Everyone of them. Not just the ones you think are bad, but every single organized idea. What happens here by challenging all the organized ideas, you begin to see how they fit into a bigger more beautiful context. If you want the breed the best ideas then you need to make sure they are challenged.

Good breeding requires time, energy, and investment. If you want to breed the best ideas I would suggest that you try breaking your ideas out into the three rooms I mention above. From what I have found the rewards are amazing. Try it our for yourself and let me know what happens.

Discussion Question: What tactics or strategies do you use for breeding the best ideas?