When I was 15 I got the itch. The itch? Yeah, the entrepreneur itch. Some of you know what I’m talking about. First, it was a power washing company, then a detailing business, lawn mowing, roof shoveling, and…My parents thought I was nuts. What was this kid up too? Where was he going? I was just hungry. Hungry to start. Hungry to build. Then at the age of

Then at the age of 16, I started racing professional motorcycles. This went on until I was about 19 or 20. Then I hit a wall. Life happened. Reality hit. What was I going to do? It all seemed so much fun up to this point.

Growing up racing professional motorcycles and starting little things to make money – it all seemed to come pretty easy. It was all about me.

Then I woke up. It wasn’t about me, but about building something together. My vision moved from me to us. Instead of what can I build, it was what can we build?

It wasn’t about me. It was about us. It went much deeper. My vision moved from me to us. Instead of what can I build, it was what can we build?

I started to craft a vision and mission that went far beyond myself.

Then I really got started.

Great vision, but you can’t run away from reality. Reality? Yeah, plans, change daily. Just when you feel like you have it all figured out, boom. I am sure you know what I am talking about. You just spent hours mapping out this vision, pulling people in, developing a strategy, and getting prepared. Finally you’re ready. You launch your big idea, bring it to market, and then all hells breaks loose. Plans changed.

Or think of it this way. Quick story. Your vision is to finish high school, get enrolled in a great college, and have the time of your life. After college you’re going to move away to some warm state, meet new people, and live happily ever after. What happens? One year into college and you meet some hottie. She sweeps you off your feet and takes you for the ride of your life.

This was not planned. What happened? Yup, fucking plans again. See, your vision is still the same, to go to school and live happily ever after. However, your plans or the way you fulfill your vision has changed.

“Plans change yet visions remain the same”

You see? I think too often we get caught up or upset when are plans change or life goes boom. It’s like the world just ended. The world didn’t just end, our plans just needed to change. The vision remained the same. It’s like going on a trip and you hit a detour. You don’t turn around, you just take the detour. See your plans (road map) changed here, however, your vision (your destination) remained the same.

If you are struggling with your plans or your visions, just remember to write your visions in ink and your plans in pencil. If you can remember this simple tactic, and keep it in the back of your mind, life will be just that much smoother.

Take it from the guy that went to hell and back. More on that later.

Discussion Question: What are your visions? What are your plans? Are you struggling with writing your visions in ink and your plans in pencil? Do you have other ideas for creating visions and plans? Please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you.